DIY Beauty Aids - Reader's Contribution

Home grown solutions -- DIY beauty aids

woman with facial mask * For a homemade exfoliation routine, you can take walnut kernels or almonds, mash them and blend them with milk. This can be gently massaged on the body to remove dead skin. (Also refer to the post Fix your dull and tired skin with masks and complexion scrubs)

* Use sugar for exfoliation but remember to massage it in gently.

* If you have to go out and don't have too much time to get ready, slice an orange, dab it on the face and rest for 30 minutes. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh.

* To lighten tanned skin, apply a face pack of cucumber and milk. Blend cucumber with chilled milk and apply on affected areas. Rinse after 15 minutes.

* When you come in from the heat, splash Rose water on your face to soothe and cool your skin and prevent inflammation.

(Contributed by Dhanya)

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  1. Another great exfoliator is simple baking soda. Just mix a small amount with warm water.The grains are very fine work really well

  2. Kapila9:59 AM

    I've used a sea salt scrub. It worked very well

  3. Hemamalini10:01 AM

    the best homemade exfoliation scrub
    3 cups of sugar or salt and 2.5 cups of baby oil or vegetable oil. combine ingredients and shake it up. You can even add your own essential oils, like lavender or peppermint!
    Peppermint and citrus energize
    Lavender and vanilla calm, and soothe

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    to improve your skin. and homemade facials and peels
    4 mashed avocado
    1 tsp honey
    1 egg white
    Then Mix into a smooth paste
    Then put it on your face!
    for food you should eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and drink A LOT of water. Also try to get some excercise and be out in the sun a little. Don't eat a lot of sugar because it gives you spots. A top model tip for good skin is to open your pores with some hot water on your face. Then use soap on your open pores. Wash the soap off with some more hot water and then splash cold water on your face to re-close the pores. It really works and if you suffer from sensitive skin then don't worry that you're using soap, just moisturize after.

  5. unknown10:05 AM

    Easy exfoliation
    Sugar. The grains arent as rough as salt.
    Just mix it with some scent free lotion
    exfoliation is only done once a week;
    and when you do scrub, don't be hard on your skin. :-)

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Good Homemade Facials
    There of lots of different ingredients you can use -
    Olive oil and sugar/salt - exfoliation.
    A solution of sea salt and warm water - exfoliation.
    Egg whites - drying things up.
    Honey - very good moisturizer
    Washcloth soaked in milk - calming and moisturizing
    Oatmeal - calming and moisturizing (Aveeno uses oat colloids in most of their products because it's so good.)
    Citrus fruits - Help cut oil, acidity is antibacterial, antioxidants
    Apple cider vinegar - used as a toner improves condition of skin and is very cheap.

  7. Anonymous10:11 AM

    How much should i exfoliate?

  8. Twice a week. That way you keep your skin smooth, but give it time to create it's own oils. Exfoliate more than that and you will result in even more redness, and soreness.
    Don't press too hard. Just use your fingertips to exfoliate in a circular motion in different areas....for about 5 seconds in each area. Too hard and you risk taking of skin cells. Just press lightly, it'll work well. :)

  9. Bhumi9:31 AM

    These are great tips you've posted here


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