Straighten Your Hair Like a Pro

If you have been trying to straighten your hair using old and outdated techniques as well with low-quality hair straighteners, you might be quite familiar with split ends. This doesn’t have to be the case and the old straightening methods that have been used over and over need a makeover.

Although hair straighteners have greatly benefited many women with styling their hair, these devices are not without their disadvantage. By working in extraordinarily high temperatures and applying extreme heat to our hair strands these devices too can cause split ends. Sometimes they can take away the shine of the hair as well as damage hair fibers to a great extent. For these and other crucial reasons, simply using a flat iron is not enough to ensure that your hair is smooth, straight and shiny. After years of using the best products and applying various techniques, our professional have formulated a step by step guide to straightening your hair that will have your hair looking healthy and beautiful without any damages what so ever.

A guide to Straightening your hair like a pro
1. Dry your Hair
Before you start using any flat iron, you should assure that your hair is completely dry. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial this is to dry successfully your hair without damaging it. Although there are certain devices that are made especially for wet hair, these rarely get the job done. Wet hair if ironed results in permanent hair damage that close to irreversible. So, the first and most important point to keep in mind is to dry your hair well before your use any flat iron. For information on the best flat irons read  hair straightener reviews.

2. Size of the hair section
You might be pleasantly surprised to know that it isn’t necessary to divide hair into a particular size or shape when you sit to straighten it. The main focus should only be to provide an equal amount of heat to each and every hair strand. You should carry out the requirement heat experiment yourself depending on the length, size as well as the volume of your hair.

3. Extreme care is the name of the game
The market is inundated with rods that promise to straighten hair in a single shot. This has had its targeted impact to a lot of women who don’t necessarily have the time to sit or are impatient and want the job done quickly with the least effort. However, girls it is important to take your time and pay attention not just to the result but the entire process of grooming. It is always well worth your while not to rush things and avoid any products that promise an impossible quick fix. Try your hand at these 10 amazing curly hair styles for women that are completely natural and healthy.

4. Don't straighten one strand several times
Trust the Flat iron to do its job and if it’s ineffective after the first two times then there’s probably something wrong with the machine. If you keep on passing it in the same hair strand, it will lead to more hair loss as well as damage. If you notice some smoke being emitted or you smell some bad odour, stop dead in your tracks and switch the machine off!

5. Serums for protection from heat:
Whenever you use a flat iron, you should always apply serum to your hair that has jojoba oil as well as argan oil. A mixture of these two kinds of oils is much more effective and beneficial as compared to all the fancy hair sprays that are available in the market these days.

In Conclusion
Remember never to iron wet hair because this might cause irreversible damage to your hair. Set aside a good hour whenever you’re thinking of straightening your hair. Make sure you have your oils and everything in order before you begin. Take time to look great and you’ll be showered with compliments, rush it and you’ll burn your hair and have only yourself to blame.

Author Bio: Hi guys, my name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. This year marks my 10th anniversary as a professional stylist, and I’m looking to make it count and share all that I have learnt.

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  1. Don't dry your hair..let the Straighteners dry it as you do it.
    don't put too much product in, it can weigh the hair down and make it look flat.

  2. Christina2:56 PM

    flat iron and baby oil. put a dime size of baby oil in your hand and rub it thru, then take a flat iron and go for it. make sure you are careful with the baby oil, it will cause greasy looking hair if you use to much.


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