Essentials tips to wear right accessories on suitable occasions

An outfit is incomplete without its necessary accessories. These accessories are essential for adding up to the glamour quotient of one’s style. But, it is critical to add grace, elegance and poise to this mixture of style to make a statement. Each occasion demands a unique Check out this personalized guide that offers tips for wearing accessories according to an occasion. Add the right amount of style and glamour without going overboard with casual wear sarees.

Casual dressing is one where you can express your emotions and play dress up to feel good about yourself. Experimentation is the answer to casual dressing. You can try long danglers and heavy neckpieces if you wish to explore your personal look. Keep in mind that heavy neckpieces do not go very well with chunky earrings or danglers. Avoid pairing them together. A good dangler enhances your neckline and face cut, whereas, a heavy necklace defines your shoulders and collar bone. These are some places where your experimentation would make you look gorgeous such as dinner date, house party, window shopping, dinner with friends, so remember them while choosing casual wear sarees.

Formal functions demand classy, sleek, and elegant dressing to give a contemporary and sophisticated look. You can carry the look with style and grace.

Office day
Office wear needs to be comfortable as you need to wear it all day long. It needs to be chic at the same time. Danglers can be difficult to carry the whole day. You can try small dew drop pearls or diamond studs along with pendant and a small bracelet to give it a contemporary touch.

Office party
An office party would demand a slightly more intense look. Pair heavy earrings with large tops or sleek hanging earrings with a beautiful and graceful neck piece. In the case of theme office party, dress up and accessorize as per the theme. Also, consider the theme of the occasion, while choosing party wear sarees.

Traditional form of dressing demands heavy jewelry with large neckpieces and matching earrings. You can accompany it with bangles, cuffs, or bracelets. When it comes to traditional functions, women prefer party wear sarees that have a brush of ethnicity. Women like to dress up traditionally wearing sarees, suits, Anarkali, lehengas. So, matching it with heavy jewelry to enhance their look and style makes better sense. You can don heavy jewelry to enhance your ensemble at weddings, family functions, pooja, etc.

Formal function/dinner
Similar to office dressing, formal functions and dinners demand sleek and exquisite jewelry. Dressing with minimal accessories gives a contemporary and sophisticated look. So, make sure you carry it off with grace and style.

Dressing is an art. It is a reflection of one’s personality and must be unique for each person. Just because someone is wearing an outfit and it looks great on her, it may not necessarily look good on you and vice-versa. Try not to overdo a particular look just because you want to blend in. Always attempt to opt for a contemporary and sophisticated look that suits you.

(Contributed by Manisha)

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