Have Craving for a flat tummy? Check these top treatments for a tighter core

New Year usually brings a set of resolutions; one of the most common is an intention to get fitter. The need to have a flat, toned stomach will probably be high in your list; the many stunning models featured in the pages of the glossy magazines will help to inspire you! Thankfully, it is not necessary to sign up to a new gym membership; it is possible to tone you stomach up at your desk, when watching TV, or even when cleaning; just follow these tips.

The first step to better abs is actually checking your posture! Whenever you are standing in a line you should look to stand tall and straight. Pull your hip bones up as though they are connected to your rib cage. At the same time you need to push your tailbone downwards. This move will flatten your stomach and take the pressure off your lower back. The more you practice the more natural it will become.

Belly dancing!
You do not need to sign up to a class. As you brush or sweep, try this move: Place your weight on your left leg and put the right leg slightly in front of the left. Then simply move your right hip up and down.  After one minute on this side, switch sides.  Anytime you have two minutes, whilst waiting for something, you can do this.

You may spend much of your day sat at a desk, if so this exercise is perfect for you! To do this follows these steps:
  • Sit at the front of your chair
  • Lean back so your back touches the back rest
  • Contract your abs and lift your right knee
  • Repeat with your left – doing ten reps for each leg
  • Then sit up straight at the front of your chair and tuck your abs in.
  • Lean back to your back rest for several seconds and then return to the upright position.
  • Repeat for ten reps.
Avoid leaning
A great way to work your abs and your core is to avoid using the back rest. Sit yourself up straight and focus on keeping your shoulder blades back and your rib cage tucked in.

This is an excellent technique and a lot of fun. Get yourself an exercise ball and use this instead of your seat at work. Your body will be forced to sit correctly to maintain your balance and this will work all your muscles; particularly the core ones.

Hula Hoops
If you can use the hula hoop already you have a head start! This is a great form of exercise to help you with your physique and stomach muscles. It can even be completed with your children! To use the hula hoop you need to rock your hips from side to side whilst keeping your upper and lower body stable. Do not try to move in a circular lotion!

More Standard Exercises
When you do have a little time to dedicate to exercising, the following will help you to get the stomach of your dreams:
  • The side plank – You will need toile on your side, make sure your elbow is directly below your shoulder.  Then tighten your abs and list you whole body upwards, straightening your arm in the process.  Ideally you should hold this for forty five seconds and repeat ten times.
  • Pushup walkout – Before or after you complete your push-ups you need to hold the push up positions and slowly move both hands outwards; stretching them as far as you can go.  Then walk back in; repeat this ten times.
  • The alligator drag – Pick out a clear piece of floor, roughly twenty yards long.  Then find two items which will slide on your floor. Put these under your feet and assume the push-up position. Then using only your arms, walk across the distance you have lined up; holding the push-up position while you do so.

Last but not least, we have cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck or a liposuction procedure will flatten your stomach, and will give you the bikini body you’ve always craved for. However, if you’re not into invasive procedures, you can always try laser lypolysis fat removal. This intervention is incredibly effective, and pain-free.

(Contributed by Edward Francis)

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