4 Ways to Perfect your Natural Beauty

In the era of Botox, fillers, and 250-piece eye shadow palettes, it can take some reminding that your natural beauty gives you a lot to work with. While there is nothing wrong with getting your contour on, getting back to basics with fresh faces can go a long way. Refresh your natural beauty and still recognize yourself in the mirror with these tips!

Smooth your Skin
Clearing your skin of blemishes is a big step in letting your natural beauty shine through. Go beyond just washing your face by exfoliating your whole body too. Using products like Brown Sugar Body Polish or Cocoa Body Exfoliant will be the luxurious scenic route to smooth skin. Your lips can feel the love, too! Say hello to the smoothest lips of your life with lip sugar scrubs and moisturizing balms.

Look at your Lifestyle
There is so much truth to the old adage that beauty starts from within. Getting a good night’s rest and attempting to intake the appropriate 8 glasses of water goes a long way in maintaining the outer glow. This includes helping keep skin clear and eyes less puffy. Beyond the obvious, things like alcohol intake and leafy greens cannot be ignored when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty.

Banish Body Hair Just because we grow hair all over our bodies naturally doesn’t mean we have to live that way forever. Break free from the body hair chains by removing your unwanted body hair; make smooth skin the new natural for you. Laser hair removal can keep your skin naturally smooth and stubble free, making shaving or waxing a thing of the past. Institutes like The Sheen Vein Institute can remove unwanted hair and allow you to live naturally smooth.

Help your Hair
After removing unwanted body hair, focus on the hair you do want to keep. Your flowing locks can enhance your look while still staying natural. Keeping up with regular trims refreshes your hair naturally while masks condition and moisture ends. Few things are more invigorating than a fresh cut and style; layers in all the right places compliment and highlight your naturally beautiful bone structure.

Unveiling your beauty doesn’t mean running to chemicals and cover-ups. Reveal naturally beautiful skin by banishing blemishes and removing unwanted hair making your body smoother than you thought possible. You’ll be eager to show off your natural beauty and feel the glow from the inside out.

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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  1. Sharmila2:56 PM

    The most efficient way is by eating a balanced diet and also getting plenty of exercise. Start by walking with friends, taking up dancing, or start to jog around the block every day. Natural beauty starts with beautiful skin. Learn how to maintain your skin in a healthy way and give it that luminescent glow that makes natural beauties so attractive. Diet and exercise are as important as using gentle and effective cleansers and moisturizers. Whole grains provide a lot more anti-aging antioxidants and they also provide one of the key elements of a healthy skin diet - fiber. Fiber helps to keep your body clean by absorbing toxins and practically scrubbing your intestines clean.

  2. Vaishnavi3:00 PM

    drink plenty of water
    try to work out as much as you can
    chlorophyll tablets promote hair and nail growth
    optimism makes people attractive lol
    egg white mask keeps skin smooth
    coconut milk keeps hair super soft and smelling nice
    applying vaseline on your feet after shower keeps them pedicure soft


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