4 Tips to Add Volume and Shine to Your Hair in the Cold

The winter season brings plenty of pleasures--twinkle lights, comfort food and plenty of fun parties. The season also brings some tough conditions for your hair, however, and the cold elements can seriously deprive your locks of shine and volume. There are some tricks you can try to get your mane back in shape, so you don't have to suffer through the colder months with hair you want to hide.

Hot Oil Treatment
A hot oil treatment is one excellent way to add major shine to your hair. The cold and wind can often lead locks to look dull and lackluster, a condition the hot oil immediately corrects. Plus, this treatment has the added benefit of soothing the scalp, which can also become dry and irritated in the winter. Just leave the hot oil on for the allotted time on the instructions, rinse it out, and you're good to go.

Deep Conditioning
Deep conditioning is also an excellent way to counteract the winter's effects. Dryness is a major problem in the winter, and dryness can really subtract shine. A deep conditioning treatment heals your hair from the inside out, locking in shine and helping it look healthy and lush. And on top of that, better conditioned hair is much more likely to retain volume, as locks become limp and lifeless when they lack moisture.

Avoid Heating Tool Overuse
Heating tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons are often a necessary evil for styling locks, but they can also be a killer, especially in the winter when hair is already prone to dryness and dullness. Too much heating can cause hair to break and become brittle in the winter, zapping fullness and shine. Instead, use heating tools intermittently, perhaps alternating days. Or, let hair air dry, which is also a great way to retain shine.

Cover Up
Finally, protect your hair in the winter by covering it up when you venture outside. A cozy hat will protect your hair from the elements, and keep your ears warm from the snow to boot. Or try a pretty silk scarf wrapped around your locks when you are going for a walk outside.

Prepping your hair for the winter does not have to be a major undertaking, but it is something you should invest time in. If you having an abundance of trouble with your hair you can always visit a hair salon. With some tips you can keep your locks looking shiny and bright even during the harshest of the winter months. Your hair will thank you for it!

- Meghan

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