Shed Those Holiday Pounds With These 6 Workouts

For many people, winter is a time for feasting and relaxing with family and friends. After the parties are over, they step on their bathroom scales and realize that it is time to get serious about exercise. The variety of exercise routines marketed by today's retailers is staggering so there are plenty of options to meet the fitness goals of people with different skill levels. Listed here is a mix of six popular workouts designed to shed unwanted pounds and to take one to their next fitness level.

Shed Holiday Weight
#1 Denise Austin's Shape Up and Shed Pounds for Beginner Fitness
The celebrity fitness instructor Denise Austin created a fun, motivating workout routine intended to help beginner exercisers burn fat and tone muscles. The cardiovascular workout consisting of easy dance moves takes slightly more than 30 minutes to complete, and the toning section that includes lunges, push ups, and plank moves lasts about 20 minutes.

#2 ACE's Kick Start Workout
The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is committed to motivating Americans to set and reach their personal fitness goals. Their Kick Start Workout is a comprehensive three-month exercise program designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, weight loss, and energy levels. The program is easy to follow and varied enough to keep one's attention throughout the entire three months of squats, push-ups, and plank exercises.

#3 Outdoor Core for Intermediate Fitness
The Outdoor Core exercise was designed by non celebrity fitness enthusiasts who know what it takes to get results and desire to share their knowledge online. The workout consists of a host of circuit training and abdominal exercises designed for performance outdoors. Some of the exercises include 10 repetitions of side plank hip raises, 30 repetitions of butterfly sit ups, 40 repetitions of mountain climbers, and 50 repetitions of flutter kicks. These core strengthening routines target the upper and lower abdominals as well as obliques.

#4 Power Pilates for Intermediate Fitness
When most people are introduced to an exercise routine that primarily consists of stretching, they tend to underestimate the effectiveness of the workout program. This happens a lot with first time Pilates participants. After the first session of stretching and strengthening major muscle groups without adding bulk, they realize that Power Pilates more than qualifies as an intermediate level fitness program.

#5 P90X for Advanced Fitness
“Intense” is the perfect word to describe the P90X workout by Tony Horton. The P90X base level workout plan, 90 days, and a strong will is needed for advanced exercise enthusiasts to totally recreate their physiques. The workout program consists of 12 rigorous routines that use the principles of plyometrics, body weight strength training, cardiovascular training, and abdominal work. A special nutritional plan accompanies this advanced fitness program.

#6 Insanity for Advanced Fitness
Shaun T could not have thought of a better word to describe his advanced fitness program. The Insanity workout features plyometrics for lower body sculpting, body weight resistance training for the upper body, and intense cardiovascular work. Progressively longer intervals and shorter recovery periods differentiate Insanity from other intense workouts. Shaun T advertises his 60 day program as the toughest workout ever put on DVD, and there are few naysayers.

The key to adopting a Weight Wise bariatric program is the commitment to both healthful eating and regular exercise. However, exercise provides some great health and wellness benefits like improvements in mood, circulation, and detoxification that are experienced almost immediately.

- By Meghan Belnap

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