5 Best Beauty Apps That'll Help You Look Your Best

When you need to know which color looks good, which makeup isn't tested on animals or where you can book the nearest manicure, turn to one of these hot beauty apps. They will make you feel like you have a personal assistant, makeup artist, health adviser and big sister all in one pocket.

5 beauty apps

It's a beauty emergency—the cute guy at work has just asked you out and you need an appointment now. Cue Beautified to help you out of this jam.

Beautified is your personal assistant when you need spa and salon services. This app finds and books massages, haircuts, pedicures, waxes and other beauty services at hand-picked spas and salons in your city. Perfect when you need a quick beauty fix or an emergency afternoon of relaxation at the spa. The Beautified app is free, but there are fees to access certain features.

You're an ethical shopper, and you want your beauty products to mirror your commitment to your ideals. You also know that your skin is your largest organ, and the beauty products that you use on it can affect your overall health and wellness.

GoodGuide gives you shopping advice so that you can buy products that will keep you safe. This free app rates products on ethical, environmental and safety standards, and it features a purchase analyzer so you can weigh the cost versus the health risks or benefits. Customize this free app with your own filters so that you can focus on the issues that are important to you.


Birchbox is an exciting service that sends members a box of beauty samples each month. Women subscribers receive anything from nail polish and facial creams to makeup and shampoos, and the service also is available for men who will receive beauty products designed for them. The products have been tried and retried by the company's team, and the sample box contains a mixture of well-known and emerging brands.

This free app, available for T-mobile smartphones, puts the best of Birchbox in your pocket. Buy full-size versions of your favorite samples, organize a list of the ones you love and discover great recommendations based on what you like. Birchbox is like an older sister who shares with you all the cool new stuff.

Beauty Mark
Are you wondering how a certain color would look with your skin tone? Are you curious about how a new lipstick would look with your favorite eye makeup? When you use Beauty Mark, you don't have to waste money on products that won't look right. This app takes the guesswork out of shopping, and playing with it is super fun. You can try all of the new looks you want, without having to do the hard work yourself. Beauty Mark is $2.99 for the pro version, which offers 180 how-to videos with no ads.

There's no reason to break your back carrying a load of beauty magazines. With the Beautylish app, you can keep up to date on all of the latest beauty trends and tips, without even opening a magazine. Read reviews on thousands of popular beauty products, watch step-by-step videos from makeup experts, and connect with a community of like-minded fashionistas and beauty pros. If you think beauty is delish, you will love exploring this free app.

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