From Bad to Fab: 5 Great Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day

We all have those days when everything seems to go wrong from the time we wake up to the time we come back home to sleep again. Nothing seems to be in order. Nothing seems to work the way it should.

Expectations fly right out of the window and the day, for once, just doesn’t seem to be under our control. Every problem as a solution, and so does a bad hair day. It’s all about how you manage it. Here are some tips to save your day:

Let the reality sink
Bad hair days almost seem like the kind of days when you have no control on what’s happening to you and “everything going wrong” seems to be the norm. Yet, at least we have a few things in our hand making us believe that we still control a part of our lives, at least for that day.

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As for fashion, beauty, and grooming, you can still salvage your day (compared to many other things such as what happens to you or how others treat you). None of that would happen if you don’t embrace the reality though. So, let the reality sink. Embrace the fact that you got off to a bad start. Stop getting frustrated or angry about it.

Take a deep breath
No, really, this is the first step. Once you set foot outside your home, you are in a series of territories that you have no control over. You don’t own the world, you just own “you”. If you think that you stepped out with the worst wardrobe mismatch of the century, a series of wrinkles on your face, bad hair (literally speaking), and couple of other grooming gaffes, relax and take a deep breath. There’s nothing you can do except to take corrective steps. Calm down and begin to think of everything you can to salvage your day.

Get creative

If your hair just doesn’t seem to set, wear a cap or a hat. Don’t even stop to think if it’s the wrong day to wear something on your head. Just do it while the world thinks you are making a fashion statement. If you step out with a wardrobe mismatch, try not to make a huge fuss about it. Maybe wearing that overcoat or a jacket will help. At worst, you could step into the cheapest store and buy something impromptu to save your day. Focus on solving the problem. Don’t obsess over the problem, though.

There’s a way to cover it up, usually

If the ink from the fountain pen spills over on your shirt pocket, a jacket is all you need to cover the tainted shirt. Likewise, you could find a way to cover every part of your clothing, if you can.

If you are a man and your blades weren’t sharp enough to cover a part of your beard to leave this ugly looking patch on the lower part of your neck, maybe you could buy temporary razors and quickly take care of the problem. The key is to remain calm and find a way to solve the problem.

Let the problem be the root for a new trend
Ok, so you wore these retro geometric prints to work on a Friday and you suddenly look a tad too flashy.
So what? Walk around as if you mean it. Usually, most people are too busy and stressed to make any statements about your wear. If they do, tell them that you are an inspired, new fashionista and that you dare to dare. If no one bothers, leave it to them and their water cooler discussions (they’d talk no matter what you wear or what you do). As convincingly as you can, pull off the gaucherie as if it’s the new trend in town. If it’s not, it’ll soon be now that you’ve set the trend.

How do you fix your bad hair days? What kind of ideas did you come up with? Share your tips with us.

Jessica Gray has been working as a freelance writer for a long time. She has a diverse background in fashion and style. She loves sharing her opinions on the latest fashion trends and is an expert on Junior Bridesmaid dresses.

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  1. My hair is oily and it irritates me alot to wash them again and again in few days interval. I also have thin hair so it gets down for which i use hair bands.


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