Top Tips for Women Looking to Improve their Hair

We’ve all seen those shampoo adverts that feature flawless women demonstrating how effective the shampoo they are advertising is, right? Whilst there is more to life than having great hair, the foundations of what makes a woman feel confident about herself lie within her appearance. It’s a well known fact that women like to keep themselves groomed, whether it’s getting ready to go to work, go shopping or preparing for a Friday night date, 9 times out of 10 if a woman is asked, she will tell you just how crucial having great hair is.
Hair is one of the most versatile features that can make or break self esteem and it’s amazing how many make-over shows can back up this point. Often it can be something as simple as a getting a choppy new hairstyle, having layers put in or trying out a nice hair colour that can transform a woman’s look from drab to fab. And whilst cosmetically, the world is your oyster in terms of improving your look, this can be difficult if you don’t have the hair to work with from the beginning. This is where the issue of low self esteem can sometimes rear its unsightly head.

Aging gracefully is one thing and genetics are another, however it’s always possible to make the best of what you do have when it comes to maintaining the hair god gave you, and it can be the smallest of steps that go onto to help improve a lady’s self esteem.

So let’s look into the options that are available to us both medically and cosmetically. It’s very much down to own personal preference but just remember that there are tried and tested remedies that women are using everyday to build on their hair growth.

Hair Extensions
As far as short term solutions go, hair extensions are a god send for women who have trouble growing out their natural hair length. Extensions come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can be bought from wholesalers all over the world at a fairly reasonable price. It is obviously down to the wearer to carry out her own research and choose the best option, but generally speaking human hair is the most popular choice among modern women wanting to achieve longer length locks. Depending on what type of hair extension you choose, these can last for up to 3 months per application if well looked after. Human hair can be styled and treated as your own hair once attached so think carefully about the style you choose. These can either be clipped in or attached with a bonding adhesive, in which case, seeking professional advice from a stylist is highly recommended, especially if this is your first time trying out extensions for size.

Natural Remedies
However it’s not all about length, sometimes having great hair can mean making sure it grows healthily over time. Hair specialists like Hillside Hair Studios offer tailor made services to women who are trying to stimulate hair growth, both medically and cosmetically. Booking in for a hair analysis can educate and identify any nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to poor hair growth so this is something which is certainly worth looking into if you are worried about the general health of your own hair. Making sure you get plenty of those essential vitamins needed for vitality is your first port of call. Skin, hair and nail tablets are effective but results will vary on the individual. Other recommended natural remedies include biotin which boosts keratin production, vitamin B6, rosemary oil for increasing circulation to the scalp and vitamin E capsules used to reduce breakages and split ends.

Medical Hair Treatments
There are many advanced medical treatments designed specifically for women who suffer from hair loss or baldness as this is such a common problem. What’s important to remember is that there are no problems that can’t be fixed in this day and age as beauty laboratories are constantly reviewing what works and what doesn’t. For example, human hair wigs as well as hair transplants are some of the best methods for restoring confidence in women – wigs in particular are accessible because they can be covered by the NHS providing you have a referral. It is far better to make an appointment with a hair specialist or to go and see a doctor who can then assist you in making an informed decision on the options available.

So there you have it, some informative points which will hopefully help you on your path to hair success and inner confidence.

- By Dawn

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  1. You should Deep condition your hair once a week
    Another thing is snip off all yur dead ends and split ends before they split to your roots

  2. Savitri3:16 PM

    you can massage your head, this stimulates hair follicals (roots) and makes your hair grow faster, you should eat alot of protein as that is what youur hair is made form :)


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