Top ten picked pair of masquerade masks and lipsticks

Going to a themed party calls for a special outfit. A mask should always be complimented by a matching dress and exquisite accessories. However, if you want to make an impression and dazzle everyone around you, pairing your masquerade mask with your lipstick will certainly draw some attention. Some lipstick colors are bizarre, unusual, and striking, yet the main purpose of a masquerade outfit is to be noticed.

White bauta mask & matte white lipstick
A Bauta masquerade mask is a classic, and it used to be traditionally worn in the 18th century during most Venetian balls. It was a classical way to cover your face, and it’s still quite popular today. However, in order to showcase your white lipstick you might want to opt for an adaptation of the Bauta mask, which means you’ll have to reveal the lips.


Ghost-like Volvo mask & golden lipstick
The Volvo is one of the most opulent of all masquerade masks available. Comfortable to wear and extremely structural, the mask covers the whole face. Opt for a combination of white and golden shades if you want to impress. Furthermore, in order to reveal your face and showcase your golden lips, you might want to wear a Volvo mask on a stick for easy removal.

All-black Columbian mask & black lipstick
An all-black Columbian masquerade mask will make you feel like a Black Swan. You’ll certainly dazzle the crowd with a black lipstick, and the main benefit of such a mask is that it only covers half the face. It’s best to have it glued, or you can wear it on a stick. The effect will make your whole outfit be appreciated.

Bloody-red domino mask & red lipstick
Bloody-red is a color that can’t go unnoticed. Pair your domino masquerade mask with a red lipstick, and your outfit will be unique and ingenious. The domino was commonly worn by women at the Venetians carnivals, and because the mask only covered half the face, it was valued for its structure. Whether you’re going for a classical style or you want to incorporate a modern mask in your ball outfit, don’t forget that attitude and your seductive lips will be in the center of attention.

Blue Joker mask & blue lipstick
The joker was often called the Jolly Venetian mask, and it’s perfect for a corky outfit. The style is unique and extremely peculiar, yet you’ll definitely make an impression. Although the mask covers the whole face, you can opt for an adaptation to reveal your lips. The mix and match effect of the blue joker mask with blue lipstick will surely strike the audience.

Arlecchino mask & nude lipstick
The Arlecchino masquerade mask originates from the Harlequin costume. It’s multi-colored and it often comes with diamond patterns in specific shades such as blue, green, or red. If you’re thinking to include the mask in your party outfit, make sure to pair it with a nude lipstick. Actually, the whole face should be clean, with no make-in order to focus all the attention on the mask.

Gato Venetian mask & pink lipstick
Gato means ‘cat’ and the mask comes in the shape of a cat with sharp edges. The button nose and narrow eyes will certainly make your pink lips stand out. Opt for a seductive Gato mask and mix it with a corresponding outfit for a striking effect. Cats were rare in the old days in Venice, so their royalty appeal makes mask look exquisite.

Half-face Phantom of the Opera mask & half-face white lipstick
That’s definitely an idea that won’t pass unnoticed. The masquerade masks will only cover half your face, so you might want paint only half of your lips. You might opt for a striking matte white color, but of course the palette you can take into account is endless.

Metal-cut masquerade mask & cherry-red lipstick
Masquerade masks are made of various material types. While you might think metal is out of the question, it’s not. It’s definitely heavier than a regular mask, but the attentive embroideries and craftsmanship will set you apart. Pair it with a cherry-red lipstick and the wow effect is guaranteed.

Black leather mask & purple lipstick
The main purpose of a masquerade mask is to be over-the top, dazzling, and striking to the eye. Hence, what better way to impress someone than with a leather mask and a purple lipstick?  It’s best to have the mask tied at the back, and make sure your eyes are highlighted through an artistic make-up. Adding fake lashes and some sparkles on your face will certainly draw some attention.

Matching a masquerade mask with your lipstick is a must. Women have been wearing make-up for centuries, and even if the whole face is covered during a carnival or themed party, when you take off the mask, the face underneath must look flawless.

- By Jason

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