The Most Exotic Face-packs

Women accept to try everything that can improve the state of their skin. One of the modern effective remedies is a facial. Nowadays the application of face-packs is especially popular beauty procedure.  Up-to-date face-packs can be manufactured on the basis of ordinary stuff (fruits, rice) and more exotic stuff (gemstones and pearls, silver and gold, diamonds). All of them have rejuvenating properties and offer prospects of permanent youth to the skin.  

A lexeme “exotic” means rare and lovely but face-packs should not be scarce. Exotic face-packs consist of seldom applied ingredients because of their limited quantity. Facials have to ameliorate the health and beauty of skin. Bear in mind that our skin is a natural protective barrier from the environmental elements and therefore it should be cared and nourished. If you want to conduce to brilliant stretchy skin, then you should apply one of the existing exotic facials. Natural ingredients will have a startling effect on the health and youth
of your skin.

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Face-pack with Diamond Crystals
A stick of diamond crystal modifies the skin like the beauty procedure microdermabrasion.  Diamond crystals affect the skin in this way that the upper polluted layer is eliminated in order to unblock intact delicate skin underneath. This type of facial should be applied with other products that suit your skin in order to make it more irradiant. Diamond crystals are famous for adding healthsome oil brilliance to the skin. There is also an expensive face-pack which includes both diamond and ruby powder. The latter can be applied as a peel for maximum glitter.

Face-packs with Gold and Silver
Exotic face-packs with 24 K gold and silver powder are considered to be a perfect agent that rejuvenates skin.  Gold is known for its ability to absorb simply through the upper layer of skin. It aids to get rid of waste and toxins of skin and the whole body; to encourage the revivification of skin cells. The effect of such facial is crashing: taut, glabrous and brilliant skin, full-blast lymphatic draining, fresh and young look of your face.

Face-pack with Pearl and Honey
Asian female and royalty had been acquainted with pearl powder for centuries. They used it in order to maintain the health of skin, a taut and young-looking face. Pearl powder has justified the status of the best product for skin care that challenges the appearance of early evidences of aging. Pearl and honey face-pack is a mixture of one tablespoonful of pearl powder, egg yellow and acacia honey.  It should be put on skin for about twenty minutes or so in order to achieve the best result: improvement of the skin tone and texture. One more advantage of this exotic facial is its ability to protect skin from UV damage.

The application of the most earthshaking coddling face-packs with above mentioned components will not give you any trouble about its formula; otherwise you may face problems with the content of unknown facial that can hurt your skin more than treat. Bear in mind that gems will give your skin rejuvenation and the best care.
Face-pack with Ground Jackets of Cockroach
Facial with ground skins of cockroaches is known in Asia as an effective skin care product. The skin of insects is rich in chitin which has a positive effect on skin of human beings. It helps to rejuvenate the skin of face, to eliminate acne and blotches, to smooth the skin tone and to make skin radiant. Read the recipe of how to make such a facial at home

Face-pack with Snail Mucus
One of the possible natural exotic ingredients of face-packs is snail mucus. Nowadays snail mucus becomes a habitual component of many beauty products. Snail mucus is well-known for its antioxidant, anti-infective, reactivating and rejuvenating characteristics. Moreover, this slime is hypoallergic and facials with snail mucus are recommended for human beings with sensitive skin. Cosmetologists affirm that snail slime is curative and balms and creams with this component can cope with stretch marks, cicatrix, blotches, birthmarks, age spots and other skin problems.

Spa Face-pack with Hard-roe
Caviar or hard-roe is appeared to be eggs of exotic fishes. These eggs are rich in minerals, protides and lipids.  Caviar is known for its anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. Thus, if you have dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines and sunspots on your face, the caviar spa face-pack is all you need. This face-pack befits tanned skin.

Face-pack with Crystal
This kind of face-pack is useful for its ability to exfoliate dead skin cells, to detoxify and to cleanse the whole body. Crystal glow facial is also considered to be a perfect emollient.

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  1. Neem face pack from himalaya I use it once in 4 works good n pimples have gone.


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