THAT'S Essential? Seven Surprisingly Natural Products

Natural products are gaining popularity as the preferred type of product to use. Natural is taking over supermarket shelves, designer stores, and boutique shops. Essential oils are used in place of fragrances that are artificially created. Here are five surprisingly natural products that will nourish your body or protect your skin.

Shea Butter
Shea butter is an all-natural product that will nurture and hydrate your skin. It has healing properties and vitamins that enrich dried-out skin to its fullest potential. Shea butter is found in lip gloss, hair conditioners, moisturizers, and it's also used as a base for medical ointments, like sunblock lotion. Pure shea butter can be enhanced with essential oils for a luxurious product that smells great too.


Sandalwood Shaving Cream
The Art Of Shaving sells an excellent sandalwood shaving cream that is made with enriching ingredients. Sandalwood is an essential oil that is natural and smells woody. It's a favorite and common fragrance amongst both men and women. Moreover, since it is natural, it doesn't cause irritation or discomfort the way more conventional products may.

sandalwood shaving cream

Natural Sunscreen
Did you know you can create your own natural sunscreen by using an oil like raspberry-seed oil or carrot-seed oil? Both of these oils provides protection against the sun, but you do need more protection in order to make sure your skin is safe from the sun rays. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two natural ingredients that work well against the sun, and they are perfectly safe and natural. Most people see these ingredients and think that they are chemicals, but they are actually all-natural.

natural sunscreen

Natural Deodorant
It's hard to find natural deodorant. Every product on shelves is laden with chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause health problems down the road. A natural deodorant will be made with ingredients like activated charcoal, essential oils, and skin-softening butters. A natural deodorant works just as well as a conventional one, and though it probably won't fight off sweat the same way as an antiperspirant would, it doesn't have the harmful aluminum antiperspirants do.

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Homemade Laundry Detergent
Borax, washing soda, and unscented bar soap (like Ivory). That's all you need to avoid the amalgam of chemicals found in commercial laundry detergents. First, finely grind up the bar soap in your food processor. Next, mix one part ground soap, two parts borax, and two parts washing soda in a large container. Store the mixture in airtight containers and use as necessary.

Homemade Lip balm
Lip balm is incredibly simple to make. Melt one part beeswax using a double boiler. (One smaller pot is suspended above a larger pot, which you fill with water to without touching the bottom of the suspended pot.) Once the wax is melted, remove it from the heat and add two parts of an oil of your choice (almond works well). You can also add leftover lipsticks at this step to tint it. Next, pour the mix into a clean container. An Altoid tin works well for this. Let your balm stand over night, and voila!

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Homemade Toothpaste
Homemade toothpaste doesn't sound exciting, but you can make your own natural toothpaste for pennies. Baking soda, sea salt, coconut oil, and cinnamon essential oil create a powerful paste that kills bacteria and protects the teeth. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, and cinnamon adds flavor that keeps bad breath at bay.

homemade toothpaste
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Natural Products are the Future
Natural products are the way of the future. More people are switching their conventional products to natural versions because they are safer, work better, have a minimal price difference, and sometimes can even be cheaper if you make them yourself. Educate yourself and research the many advantages of natural products.

- By Anica

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