5 Hair Mistakes that age you

The older we get the more aware we are of how certain styles make us look. What younger people often don’t realize is that what they are doing with their hair might actually be making them look older than they really are. And let’s face it none of us want to look older than we really are; what we want is for people to think we are younger than we are.

Here are five hair mistakes that women make that actually age them.
Wrong Haircut
The haircut you choose can actually be adding yours to your age, if it is the wrong one for your facial shape. Many people incorrectly assume that the older you get the shorter your hair needs to be, but length is not nearly as important as the style. One of the best haircuts to choose is a layered one that actually frames your face, but not in a harsh way.

Outdated Haircut
If you have been wearing the same haircut since high school it is time to change up the look. Sure, you might like it, but if it is outdated, it makes you look a lot older than you are. However, this can actually be a tricky one because not all haircuts are outdated. If you are wearing what is considered a classic and timeless haircut and it looks good on you still then you can keep it, but if it is an outdated style or even considered old fashioned you want to let it go. The best judge is your stylist, ask them for their honest opinion, and move forward from there. Ponytail extensions from PrettyShop are a great way to change your outdated hairstyle!

Monotone Colour
Having the exact same shade on every strand of hair, also referred to as monotone hair colour, is a big no-no. Avoiding this is crucial as it makes you look older than you are, and this applies to everyone! Many people with monotone hair colour look like they are wearing a wig. If you get your hair colour at a salon, bring in three colours that you like, as well as three colours that you despise. This will allow your stylist to choose the shades that work best for you. If you prefer to colour at home, opt for a shade lighter than what you want, as different sections will pick up different amounts of dye.

Unhealthy Hair
Spilt ends or even over processed hair can cause you to look older than you are. To keep the split ends at bay a trim is necessary, most stylists recommend getting one every six weeks. You can also use an anti-breakage serum on your ends to help protect your hair from further damage. Colouring, perms, and straightening hair also causes damage, so give your hair a break to help restore it to its natural beauty. Hydrating processes can also help restore your hair to its youthful beauty.

Tight Hairstyles
Tight hairstyles can make you look younger, as they often give your face a lift, but they also work against you. Any hairstyle that pulls all of the hair back from the face is going to show off every line on your face. Rather than pulling your hair back tight let some loose strands fall around your face or even wear it half up, half down.

Not only will these tips help you look younger, they will also help restore your hair to its youthful beauty!

- By Adam Snape
Image credits: Flickr Creative Commons

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