A Home Remedy For Masking That Cellulite

Cellulite plagues millions of women each year, more common in those ages 20 and above. Men can also get cellulite but it is more uncommon than women, this is because men have thicker layers of skin so its much harder for cellulite to form on them. There are ways to lessen the cellulite or even hide it for a night out on the town, here I will discuss how!

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 The boring part!

If you do not wish to know the reasons for cellulite then please skip this area and go right down to the tips and home remedy.

Cellulite is created from large packets of body fat that is clumped together deep within the skin, when this balloons upwards to the other connecting parts of the skin, cellulite is then formed.

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Let’s think of it like this, imagine a 5ft by 5ft bedroom and the ceiling has little square holes in it, the ceiling is then filled with enough balloon to spread across that room and the balloons can fit through the square holes nicely, this is a person without cellulite. Now imagine the room absolutely crammed with balloons, the room will be filled and the square holes will be jammed, then there would be upwards pressure pushing the ceiling, the same applies within your skin.

- The causes
A bad diet can cause fats to build up underneath the skin and cause cellulite, rapid weight gain and weight loss can also be the cause. The long term solution to getting rid of weight loss would be lots of cardio exercise and a healthy diet, I know you may hear this a lot but it is true! The cellulite is basically a buildup of fats, so there is literally no two ways about it, dieting & exercise is the answer.

Home Remedies
Internal Remedy - Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a pint of water and drink once a day, you can also add sweeteners to your taste.

External Remedy - Mix 3 parts of apple cider vinegar into your favorite massage oil or cream, this will help deplete the appearance of cellulite over time. Massage into the skin twice a day, morning and night.

Cover Up Cellulite For One Night
Get A Fake Tan - A fake tan can help tan your whole skin and put a layer over the cellulite so nobody will notice it, this is perfect for a night out with the girls!

Cover Up - Use tights or pantyhose to cover up your legs, cellulite is mostly seen on the legs, thighs and stomach so it’s very easy to cover.

Body Shapers - Kill two birds with one stone, shape your body and also hide the cellulite, don’t forget to wear nude ones!

Cling Film - Take a shower with the cling film wrapped around your legs, stomach or thighs. Then remove the cling film and rub on coffee paste to the affected areas, then rinse!

This article was written by Sarah Henderson.

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  1. Massaging the hips, buttocks and thighs affected with cellulite with an assortment of almond oil, rosemary oil and saunf oil, mixing each in the ratio of just one 1:1:1 also produces great results.


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