Top Waterproof Beauty Supplies So You Don’t Sweat Off Your Makeup This Spring/Summer

Summer brings lots of fun outdoor activities. For women who don’t want to spend all their time in air conditioning to stay beautiful, there are many waterproof beauty supplies available so you don’t sweat off your makeup.

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You’ll be happier at the beach with waterproof makeup

Here are some of the newest and best ideas to keep you looking your best all summer long.

Foundation Primer
One of the newest concepts in makeup is the use of a primer before your regular foundation. It acts similarly to paint primer, preparing the skin for your makeup regimen.

Best of all for summer, the primer helps skin absorb your foundation so it does not just slide around on the surface, and will actually fill and unsightly lines or creases, better known as wrinkles. Good absorption means sweat or tears are less likely to remove your flawlessly beautiful look.

Primers from leading brands such as Smashbox, Clinique, and Chanel come with added features such as moisturizing elements. The Bare Escentuals Prime Time foundation primer is even formulated with healing plant extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins important for skin health. Natural primers, of course, are free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, as well as chemicals and alcohols.

Waterproof Makeup
Just as waterproof mascara has been a great active summer choice for years, leading cosmetics companies now offer waterproof liquid foundation. Estee Lauder was one of the first major brands to offer waterproof foundation in its Maximum Cover Foundation. It’s available at most major department stores and specialty cosmetics centers.

Colortration is a company that started by creating cover-up products to conceal flaws or scars in the skin. For this reason, the products are longer-lasting than traditional foundation, and as an added benefit, they are waterproof. Colortration is reported to even stay on when swimming. While Colortration is only available online, like most Internet retailers, they have great ways of assisting you in selection as well as strong return policies.

Waterproof Blush
For some reason, true waterproof blush or cheek color is hard to find. One trick is to apply a little more regular blush under your foundation and they apply your waterproof product over it. You’ll get a little less absorption but chances are the color will last longer.

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Whether under sun or hot lights, waterproof make up is a summer essential!

Waterproof Lips
Keeping lip color on is a challenge women have faced for many years. There are now several waterproof products on the market, but they do have limitations since eating, drinking, and yes, kissing, create even more problems than heat and humidity. Lip liner matching your lip color is a great solution. It will keep some color in the mouth area until you get a chance to refresh lost color completely.

Waterproof like the Stars

Working under the hot lights of TV or theatre has been a problem for stars for years. Professional makeup artists use a special fixer and sealer to keep makeup from melting right before our eyes. While not a good idea for everyday use, if you do have a special occasion, such as your wedding, invest in something like Mehron Barrier Spray to keep your makeup fresh all day.

Of course, waterproof means removal requires makeup remover, as opposed to just water. Be sure to use a product that is strong enough to remove your waterproof makeup but gentle enough to not damage skin. 
With some of these new waterproof products and effective removal, you’ll get through summer without having to live in air conditioning.

Sarah Boisvert writes on a variety of topics including health and wellness including beauty and skin care. She also covers business topics.

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  1. Christina2:51 PM

    Waterproof concealer can also be used on your eyelids as a base that will help keep your eyeshadow in place

  2. Avoid using thick foundations and thick lipsticks. These products can melt and be unsightly when they start to look caked-on. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone.

  3. Anjali2:57 PM

    Always always—carry a blot powder or blot papers, so you can quickly blot away unwanted shine from your face.

  4. maybelliene eye studio gel liner, i use it on my water line and it stays on all day


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