Glutathione – All You Need to Know!

Glutathione is a kind of substance that is naturally produced by the liver and every cell of the human body. However, glutathione can also be found on fruits, meats, and vegetables that are high of amino acids. On a scientific note, a glutathione is a combination of trepeptide and gamma peptide. These elements are small chains of amino acids that generate a linkage between the amine group of cysteine and the carboxyl glutamate side-chain group. Though glutathione can be found on various fruits and vegetables, it is not considered as an essential nutrient since it can be produced in the body. Thus, one does not really need to obtain glutathione through the foods which he/she eats.


What can Glutathione offer to us?
Perhaps, as what many people knew, glutathione is considered to be the most effective element in making one’s skin look whiter and healthier. It is also noticeable these days that glutathione has indeed been popularized by many establishments and businesses through offering soaps, lotions, and tablets that contain glutathione. Regular intake and application of these products can surely leave a positive effect on making one’s skin become whiter. However, it will only work if the body has been highly overdosed with glutathione. Thus, high dosage of this element can cause skin whitening.

Glutathione’s real purpose
A glutathione’s main purpose is to treat illnesses such as glaucoma and cataracts. It also works as an anti-aging treatment and prevents asthma, cancer, heart diseases, hepatitis, liver diseases, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and other illnesses that weaken the defense system of the human body. Glutathione also plays a vital role in helping cancer patients since it prevents any poisonous side effects of chemotherapy. Furthermore, glutathione can also cure male infertility. Thus, a man may cling onto taking glutathione in order for him to be able to produce an offspring. Healthcare providers also provide anemic patients with a shot or injection of glutathione so to cure the disease.

Certainly, glutathione is vital in the body since it can definitely help a lot in treating various types of body diseases.

Side effects of taking Glutathione
In most cases, perhaps, what people might just know is that glutathione is a kind of medicine that when taken regularly, can cause side effects which is the whitening of the skin. This is definitely also correct. However, it cannot be applied on all cases since pregnant women and those women that are currently breastfeeding is somehow not advised to take glutathione since it can be harmful and dangerous to them and their child. Though there are still no published and approved studies that show its risks on pregnant women, still, it would be much better to just avoid and stay on the sure safe side. Moreover, asthmatic people are also not advised to inhale glutathione because it could increase asthma symptoms. Another important thing is injection like Tatiomax Glutathione injection – using of syringe should be carefully done to avoid complications.

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What more can one gain in taking Glutathione
Apart from the fact that glutathione can treat a lot of illness, taking glutathione may also increase a persons’ energy. Thus, it can boost up the force and power of an individual. Glutathione can also be able to slow down the aging process. This means that cellular cells inside the body are treated well and that dead cells are being rejected right away. Moreover, glutathione helps a lot in reducing muscle and joint pains. It also strengthens the body’s immune system so illnesses can be avoided or prevented.

Glutathione’s contribution on mental health
According to studies, glutathione intake can help an individual improve his/her mental focus and abilities. It also maintains precision and clarity in thinking and deciding on things. In addition, glutathione may also help in reducing the effects of stress and improves the quality of sleep.

Glutathione’s importance
Glutathione has been tagged as the world’s most effective anti-oxidant. It cleans the liver and removes free-radicals which can make one’s skin look whiter, vibrant, and healthier. Although glutathione is naturally produced by the body, particularly the liver, its intensity will begin to drop when one reaches 20 years of age. And when a person reaches 50, the levels of glutathione in the body will fall off to 60% to 70% lower than the level it had dropped at the age of 20. Thus, it is important that one would help his/her body produce more glutathione through eating foods which are full of amino acids. If disregarded, the body’s immune system will certainly also drop off which may result on to getting infections, viruses, and other illness easily.
Indeed, glutathione has really had much to offer to our health conditions. What’s more interesting about Glutathione is that it does not only help build the body’s immune and defense system. It also helps one have a flawless white skin tone.

Suzanne Boleche is a Health & Beauty expert and is well known in her native Philippines for her generous heart and open spirit.
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  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Very informative article about glutothine! Great write up.

  2. Anonymous2:30 PM

    L-glutathione is the kind of glutathione that has the side effect of skin whitening. The effects can be permanent, however you have to maintain your skin in good condition of-course. that would mean you have to stay clear from prolonged exposure to uv rays or sunlight, you have to drinks lots of water, and eat fruits and vegetables.

  3. Glutathione is an anti-oxidant. It wont have any side effect, unless you consume in high amount

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    If asthma patients cannot inhale glutathione, how does it help them .


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