The Hot Tub Spa for Healthy and Relaxed Body and Mind Any Season

Spas are very popular these days. Dating back in ancient times, spas nowadays have evolved into a business that provides services such improving one’s health, beauty and relaxation through treatments such massage and facial treatments. 
Facilities like steam room, hot tubs and sauna are likewise provided which guests may use in addition to the services availed of.

Among the many services in a day spa, hot tub spa is one of the many popular services availed of by the guests. 
In ancient Greece, bathing practices are believed to cure various diseases because gods are said to bless the natural springs and tidal pools. Although such belief no longer applies these days, hot tubs spa parts these days have provided various benefits that can help maintain a healthy and relaxed mind and body anytime.

Improves sleep condition

According to studies, sitting for 15 minutes in a hot tub 90 minutes before bedtime induces sleep. Since staying in the tub raised one’s body temperature, getting out of the hot tub will automatically drop the body temperature which can lead to a good night’s sleep without the need of using sleeping pills or sleeping aids.

Stress and anxiety reliever

Ever wonder why women occasionally make a trip to the spa? It’s because spas relieve them from all forms of stress. A hot tub spa has 3 important elements: heat, buoyancy and massage. Because of these, the tub is able to provide the body with a relaxing feeling and at the same time reduce stress hormones. It will also release the feeling of exhaustion especially after a long day at work. Hence, the mind and body are revitalized.

Improves blood pressure and circulation

The hot water from the tub helps improve one’s blood vessels by opening it up, also known as vasodilation, which in effect, facilitate the blood circulation all throughout the body. Because of this, the risk of high blood pressure is reduced because blood circulation is improved.

Relaxes muscles and joint

Most physiotherapists and sports trainers recommend a hot tub because of its relieving effect that can help athletes and patients soothe aching muscles and joints. Further, the Arthritis Foundation says that muscle relaxation and decrease in pain and stiffness are some of the many benefits from hot tubs. Because of the massage and buoyancy effect, muscles are relaxed and pressure on the nerves and joints are removed.

Helps remove toxins in the body

Most day spas have sauna and hot tub facilities which customers can use for a maximum of 20 minutes prior to the treatment itself. A hot tub bath aids in opening the pores which can help in releasing unwanted oil and dirt, dead cells and toxins in the body. In effect, the body is healthier and the skin looks more glowing.

Before going to a hot tub, make sure that the day spa are legitimate facilities, otherwise, complications may occur. Read customer reviews to make sure that your health is not compromised. You’re after a relaxed mind and body after all.
Susan Jones is a lifestyle product analyst & writing lot of good things about personal care treatment. She have already contributed on multiple blogs talking about Spa products especially hottub spas

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