Top 5 Ways to Maintain Skin Moisture

If you don't have moisture in your skin it will look less attractive, dry, cracked, and irritated. Also, when your skin doesn't have enough moisture in it the skin will become excessively itchy.

What Causes Loss of Skin Moisture?
The most common reason people lose moisture in their skin is because of the weather. The dry, cold air during winter months can suck the moisture right out your skin. Exposing your body to high heat and the sun during summer weather can also zap the moisture out your skin.

Drinking alcohol can cause you to lose skin moisture because it is a diuretic, which will make your body get rid of necessary water content. Coffee is also a diuretic, which will ultimately decrease the amount of moisture in your skin.

Another huge cause of a loss of skin moisture is depriving yourself of water. In fact, one of the first signs that somebody is not getting enough water daily is dry skin. Our bodies is mostly made up of water so it is no surprise not enough water will cause dehydration in the skin.

Another common cause of a lack of moisture in your skin is age. When you reach a certain age your skin might not have the shine and beauty it once did because your skin's oil producing glands begin to shut down. Also, women that reach a certain age tend to go through hormonal changes that can cause the moisture level in their skin to decrease.

This is one of the reasons why you should drink more water, as you get older to help your skin stay moisturized. There are some conditions like eczema or psoriasis that can cause your skin moisture level to decrease and cause dry skin. Harsh soaps that your skin is sensitive to can also cause you to lose moisture in your skin.

How to Maintain Skin Moisture
If you want to maintain the moisture in your skin there are some effective things you can start doing. Check out the tips below and start rejuvenating your skin when you feel it is getting too dry.

Use Moisturizers
When you want to get rid of skin dryness try using a moisturizer. Make sure the moisturizer you use is fragrance free and doesn't have any alcohol in it. If you know you develop dry skin during winter months or from excessive exposure to the sun during summer time start using extra moisturizers around this time.
Do your best to find out what is causing the lack of moisture in your skin so you can choose the right moisturizer. Oil based products like shea butter or petroleum jelly are great for adding some moisture back into your skin.

Look for products that are considered natural oils like olive oil, grapeseed oil, lanolin oil, and sunflower oil. Alternatively, you can apply these natural oils just the way they are to your dry skin to regain moisture. Apply these oils directly to your body right after you get out the shower or bath while your skin is still a little damp to lock in moisture.

Hyaluronic acid is a fluid carbohydrate found in connective tissue. It is found as a key ingredient in many of the top skin hydrating products out there. Look for moisturizers made with the acid to improve your skin's ability to keep in moisture.

Avoid Smoking
Believe it or not, but smoking can cause your skin to become dehydrated. It is the chemicals in cigarette smoke that'll produce free radicals that suck the the oxygen and moisture out your skin. These free radicals produce by cigarette smoke can cause your skin to become saggy, dry, and discolored. If you are serious about not only maintaining moisture in your skin and improving your skin health put down the nicotine.

Eat Healthy
When you eat certain healthy food items you'll not only maintain skin moisture but also keep your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. The best foods to eat are vegetables or fruits that are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B. Try to eat as much food as you can that contain vitamin C and E because these are great antioxidants that will eliminate free radicals in your body that attack and damage healthy skin.

Some great food choices that are packed with the vitamins necessary for adding more moisture to your skin are avocados, fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids, yellow vegetables and fruits like mangoes, leafy greens like spinach, nuts and seeds, and eggs because they are high in lutein and sulfer which adds hydration and elasticity to your skin.

Check The Products You're Using in Your Home
Some of the items you are using in your home right now is causing a loss of skin moisture. Things like the detergent you use to wash your clothes, the sheets you sleep in at night, and products you use to take a bath can cause a loss of skin moisture. Sometimes you are allergic to one or more of these items and you have to make a switch in order to maintain skin moisture. If you find your skin is dry after using one or more of these items start switching them out for less irritable products. Use a detergent that doesn't have that much chemicals in it, try using different sheets, and start using bath products that are mild, fragrance free, and are made specifically for sensitive skin.

Drink Water
Without question the most important of all the tips listed here is to hydrate your body and skin by drinking more water daily. Drinking just the recommended 8 cups of water daily will hydrate your skin and make sure that the pH level in your skin is balanced. The more water you drink the more moisturized your skin will be, it's that simple.

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  1. Expert2:09 PM

    Take in some vitamins that helps in having a healthier skin such as A, B Complex, C and E.

  2. Ellen2:12 PM

    Yogurt-honey combination helps

  3. Gayatri2:14 PM

    Try either Weleda's Almond Facial Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil. They worked a treat for me and the coconut oil still does!

  4. I was actually captured with the piece of resources you have got here. Big thumbs up for making such wonderful blog page!

  5. Chaitra3:45 PM

    Soak a towel in warm water and drape it over your face for 5-10 minutes. By doing this, your skin gets to be the first in line for hydration, when the pores absorb the moisture.

  6. Practicing a skin care regimen is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking its best. If you get in the habit of practicing your skin care regimen daily, you will get the best results


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