Are Shamballa Bracelets Popular Because Of Their Unique Cording Technique?

If you have been watching the fashion world, you will find Shamballa bracelets to be the hot topic discussed. Celebrities sporting Shamballa bracelets on special events have increased. Flashlights focus on celebrities wearing Shamballa bracelets and you often find special mention about these in the newspapers, magazines and of course blogs. Celebrities are always watched and now famous personalities sporting Shamballa bracelets are watched even more. At first sight, you find Shamballa bracelets unique and stunning. However, the initial effect they create could not be the cause behind such massive admiration for Shamballa bracelets. Then, what holds the key? On observation, you would have found that the cording technique of Shamballa bracelets is unique.


What Are Shamballa Bracelets?
If you are wondering what Shamballa bracelets are, you may have to start from the word scratch. The mythical kingdom named Shamballa inspired the birth of Shamballa bracelets. The people of the kingdom spread tranquility and peace. They valued others, had compassion for fellow beings and they were in prefect harmony. It was believed by Indian and Tibetan Buddhists that people who had higher aspirations along the spiritual path could only locate the kingdom, which is in the Himalayan valley. Being the product of the kingdom of Shamballa, these bracelets are believed to be much more than just jewelry.

Cording Technique Of Shamballa Bracelets
The square and sliding knots form the basis of the cording technique of Shamballa bracelets. A perfect square knot helps to keep the bracelet flat as the knot prevents it from twisting. The square knot tying calls for unique workmanship and hence Shamballa bracelets look more elegant with perfect square knots. Positioning the beads play an equal role in adding attraction to Shamballa bracelets. With an artistic square knot, the foundation for Shamballa bracelet is perfectly made. Then you see the display of creativity by the artisan in the positioning of stones. Sliding knots are added on both the ends of the bracelet so that it could be worn with ease. Sliding knots enable adjustment as well.

Does Cording Technique Call The Shots?
It is true that the cording technique of Shamballa bracelets is unique. Once you get the grasp of the basics of the coding technique, you can let your imagination loose and get more creative. The cording technique is simple and the materials required for the same is easily available as well. You can make your own Shamballa bracelets from your home. Your choice of the stones makes the bracelets cheap or expensive. However, the coding technique is not the determining factor when it comes to popularity. While the cording technique is greatly appreciated for the style and creation, the most important reason behind the popularity of Shamballa bracelets is the healing power of the beads.

Meaning Matters Most
Shamballa beads are famous for their healing powers. These bracelets come in various colors and each of the colors has a meaning that is connected to your life and style. Moreover, the colors in Shamballa bracelets are associated with the seven chakras or the energy centers in your body. Hence, wearing them will enhance your vision on life and you attitude towards others. The healing power of Shamballa bracelets will help with your medical conditions, if any. Shamballa beads promote harmony and peace. The spiritual messages reflected by Shamballa bracelets attract the world towards it. Even if one does not have faith in spirituality, the healing power of the beads cannot be missed. With colors influencing your thought and action, you find that you can make a choice based on your physical and mental need. If you have medical condition to address, you may opt for the color that is associated with the specific chakra to eliminate the problem. If you are looking to improve a particular trait, you need to again seek the color that would help to develop the trait.
If you consider all this, you will easily come to the conclusion and rightly so that while the cording technique of Shamballa bracelets is unique, the meaning carries more weight. Shamballa bracelets are unique as they have a purpose, they have a meaning and they shape your life and character.

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