Celebrity Beauty Tips and Tricks: Victoria Beckham’s Skin Care Secret

The world knows that queen of glamour is Victoria Beckham but what’s the secret of her glamorous look? What does she do to get that ultra groomed beauty? This style icon has traveled from her bob haircut with the dark summer tan to her posh spice persona. In her book That Extra Half An Inch: Hells, Hairs and Everything In between, she reveals loads of her secrets which both her admirers and rivals were waiting to hear.

Victoria Beckham
The hot spice girl swears that she goes by the Dermalogica products that help manage her occasionally oily skin. She says that these brand skin savers are a must for her and nothing can beat them.  The facials from Dermalogica are highly effective, says the urban girl. She prefers using their face packs too. The Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is a part of her beauty care routine which she uses twice a week. She has called it a an absolute skin rejuvenator, says a trusted source.

After this glamour girl moved to LA, she has added another weapon to her armory. And that is Dr. Lancer. Dr. Lancer is a renowned dermatologist of Beverly Hills, who is counted upon by artistes like Denise Richard and Beyonce. These days, she prefers to keep Lancer's products in her bathroom. Her hot favorite is his day and night repair and nourishment cream. Moisturizing your skin is very important, says 38 year old Beckham. As per some sources, she uses Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel and loves  Kimia Skincare products. At times, Mrs. Beckham uses drugstore products as well. She loves to slather the thick, creamy Weleda's body cream all over her body. She claims that it seeps into the skin seamlessly and is super hydrating, healing and super inexpensive at $19 .

While letting out her beauty secrets, she makes a passing mention about an anti-aging tip.  She says that she does not sport an artificial tan any more. Though she had turned orange with a fake tan and loved that look, it's a thing of past and she no longer prefers it.  Being overly tanned can be very aging and as a footballer’s wife she has come to believe that a natural look is the best for her.

Looking at her near-perfect flawless skin, do you think that Mrs. B resorts to skin polishing? No, she doesn't. The bomb shell claims that she only puts makeup when she goes out. Whether it is a foundation, eye shadow or a lip product, Stila is her choice. Stila’s lip color in Gleam is her favorite. She says that recently she experimented wiith the Burberry Lip Glow in Nutmeg. She loved the neutral yet pretty pink.

A nude lip gloss is what she would design if she ever was a product designer. For lips also she prefers the chic Stila lip glosses which come for as cheap as $18. She loves their smell and flavor. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip hydrator is another of her favourites. As far as nail polish is concerned she likes Chanel.

Fitness and Health tip
Jogging and working on a treadmill is her way of maintaining fitness. She highly recommends drinking coconut water for hydration. She does play soccer at times, though she's not very good at it.

There is such an aura of mystery about her elegant, chic look.  At Eva Longoria’s 37th birthday party, gorgeous Victoria Beckham,  was the cynosure of all eyes. Especially, the beauty experts were carefully scrutinizing her makeup and trying to know more about her skincare and beauty regimen.

About the Author:
The above article is written by CJ who specializes with skin care and anti aging products and runs her own small salon. She loves to advise people with beauty and health care tips via her articles.

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    I use papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream which are
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