What Fraxel Laser Technology Can Do for You

The beginnings of fine lines, age spots, and dull, dry skin are all part of normal aging, but with today’s technologies, they don’t have to be. If your skin has lost its luster and you’re noticing some new spots, you can get that old skin back with the use of a laser treatment. One of the most effective laser treatments to hit the market is the Fraxel laser.

How it Works Fraxel lasers work differently from other lasers. Unlike most laser treatments which treat the entire surface of the skin, Fraxel lasers treat just a portion or fraction of the skin at a time. Thousands of microscopic lasers smaller than a hair follicle work to rejuvenate the skin (Fraxel). As a result of the lasers treating the skin, new, healthier skin is produced in order to replace the older, damaged skin. Because only portions of the skin are treated, recovery time is minimal.

Will it Work for Me? Fraxel lasers have been shown to work particularly well with treating age spots or liver spots caused by sun damage. Several clinical trials show that laser treatments are the most effective and safest type of treatment for age spots. In their study of 16 patients treated with lasers at different pulse widths, Trafeli et. al. found that all the patients noticed a difference in their age spots six weeks after treatment (2007). In fact, 87% of these patients reported either “some, significant, or complete improvement” of age sports treated with the lasers. In this same study, researchers also found that patients with the darkest spots reported the most improvement.

What Can I expect? The procedure takes about 15 minutes and requires minimal downtime. In the Trafeli et. al. study, patients reported minimal discomfort. Anecdotal evidence from patient review forums in Real Self also shows that patients indicate minimal discomfort during the procedure. Unlike many more invasive procedures, Fraxel laser treatments have very few side effects. These are also minimal and include swelling and redness that disappear after a few days. There is also the possibility of slight and temporary scabbing and some peeling, which is part of the skin rejuvenation process. These side effects can be lessened with the use of moisturizing creams, like natural Shea butter.

Because it also helps with other skin conditions including wrinkles and scars, Fraxel may just be the new must have treatment for anyone wanting to look a little younger.  Laser treatments like Fraxel are meant to stimulate the skins natural healing process, which many people prefer to injectable dermal fillers, which also have an astounding effect on the reduction of wrinkles.

Fraxel lasers come in two models, each with varying power that are best suited for younger and older age groups.  The non-ablative laser is less powerful and best suited for people below the age of 50 who have fine lines and wrinkles, or light facial scarring.  The more powerful and ablative Fraxel laser is a CO2 laser, which is best suited for people above the age of 50 who have deeper wrinkles and facial scarring.  Always consult with your doctor to determine the best solution for your personal needs..  When he is not in front of his computer he is hiking the mountains in upstate New York. 

Are you excited about the innovations in non-invasive cosmetic procedures?

 BIO: Scott is a writer for www.vervelaser.com who frequently contributes to various blogs and publications on a wide variety of topics, including Fraxel NYC.  When he is not in front of his computer he is hiking the mountains in upstate New York. 
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