Finding the Perfect Day Dress

Finding a day dress can be challenging task for many women. Never knowing what to wear is something that all women complain about. Buying a day dress or simply being able to choose the one can require a long time for shopping. There are a number of options available and one must be able to choose the perfect one for the occasion. However one very important thing to remember when buying a day dress is to make sure you make yourself feel happy. Since it is a day dress, you would use it all through the day, right up until the end and would want to move through people by leaving an impression on them. The only time you can win people over is when you are happy too. So when buying a day dress, make sure you are absolutely certain about the style, color, fit etc.

Skater Dress

The first option for a day dress is a skater dress. The simply style of the dress, that reaches up to the knees and the monotonic color have their own charm. The simple design of the dress is basically for comfort and durability. It is a dress that one can where through the day without having to make too many additions to it. The single toned attire helps give women a wide option of accessories to choose from, allowing mix and match to be the prerogative for the day. Also, the fit of the dress is simple and thus can be carried off easily by all women, without too much debate or consideration. Another versatile feature of this dress is the fact that it can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any season. It goes well with a nice jacket and some stockings while it also does justice when worn with a simply scarf.


The other option for a day dress is a maxi. Like a skater this too, fits every woman and can be carried off easily. The long fall of the dress also makes it easier for chubbier women to carry it off because it gives their body a comparatively straight look. These dresses do not need a lot of additions to make it look finished, because they have a style statement of their own. So simply slide them on and you are ready to go. It is convenience mixed into the perfect cocktail with sophistication and style.
Colors-define the personality
The next thing to keep in mind when looking for the perfect dress is the color you choose to buy. Colors are an important part of our personality and they make our look even more iconic when used well in clothing and accessorizing. If you are looking for a dress during spring or summer seasons for the day, choose subtle end light colors like yellow, sky blue and orange. The vibes in the colors give the wearer as well as people around energy and excitement. Their brightness goes perfectly with the shining sun, giving you the perfect summer look. If you are looking for a day dress during winters or autumn, tone down the color just a little bit to something darker, like purple or mauve. These pastel shades give the feeling of warmth and belongingness in those cold months. Also, purple is particularly good for a winter day because a dark colored dress, black boots and the icy snow have had a long lasting relationship for years in the fashion industry.

One more thing to consider when buying a day dress is the amount you would need to accessorize. While a monotonic shade is good because it lets you accessorize a lot, a print can sometimes be preferred because you do not need to accessorize. See how long you would be expected to wear the dress and also assess your comfort with the amount of accessories you need.

Fashion is a mix of personalization and designer products, so look at your comfort, happiness and preference before going with the clich├ęd dress.

Author Byline
The article is written by Jason Phillips; he is a fashion designer by profession and he likes to adorn women in casual blouses and tops. His designing speaks volume of his skills.

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