Top Makeup Storage Tips

While many women simply throw their cosmetics into a bag and call it day, there are plenty of reasons to get organized when it comes to storing your makeup. For one thing, you could probably save yourself a lot of time when getting ready to go out by compartmentalizing your products rather than having to dig through a bag full of compacts, tubes, and tools in search of a specific item. But even more than that, storing your makeup and application tools properly can ensure that products last longer and that they remain intact and germ-free. So here are just a few helpful tips to get your beauty products in order and keep them in good condition for extended usage.

Since most women keep an arsenal of beauty products and cosmetics on hand, it can be helpful to have both a long-term storage solution in place as well as easy-access storage for items you use all the time. You may also want to consider portable solutions for every day or for the purposes of extended travel situations. Let's start by looking at in-home storage. If you are like the majority of women you probably like to collect makeup items that you use only infrequently, such as seasonal lipsticks and eye shadows, or even false lashes. You probably also have a slew of tools that you don't necessarily need on a daily basis (like pencil sharpeners, tweezers, and so on). These items can all be relegated to long-term storage and there are makeup cases (they look like bait boxes for fishing, or tool boxes) that can accommodate your collection and offer the compartmentalization you need. Some of these cases even seal to keep harmful dust and moisture from ruining your cosmetics prematurely.

For short-term storage of products that you will go through quickly (everyday items like foundation and powder, blush, and mascara, for example) you should look to smaller organizers that offer easy access. You can get all kinds of plastic bins in assorted sizes to line drawers or even opt for smaller cases that will fit into drawers or cabinets. The nice thing about choosing this method of storage over, say, lining your medicine cabinet with cosmetics, is that your products will be protected from moisture that can damage them and your shelves won't be subject to messy spills. In addition, it can be decidedly tedious to clean under and around these products when they are lined up on shelves. By putting them in a case you won't have to worry about it.

As for travel, there are all kinds of portable storage containers to help you out. But the best ones are probably going to be soft cases that can be more easily situated in your luggage. Look for a case that has several zippered compartments lined with plastic. This will keep products separated and ensure that any spills do not affect other products or seep into your luggage in general. And for daily use, get yourself a small plastic bag that is just big enough to hold the essentials for touch-ups (a powder compact, lip gloss, and blotter papers, for example). This is a much better solution than simply throwing the items in your purse, where they can leak on other items or alternately, suffer damage or contamination.

(Guest Post by Carol)

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