The Best Websites for Makeup Application Instructional Videos

Lots of women dabble with makeup throughout their lives, trying different products and techniques as they attempt to find the most efficient, affordable, and overall best ways to enhance their natural beauty or change the way they look. Thanks to the growth of the internet, and online videos in particular, there are now hundreds of tutorials available to help women figure out which products they need and address issues like acne, close-set eyes, a large nose, or any other perceived "problem" areas. In fact, there are so many options out there that you might have trouble finding the best tutorials or the ones that are right for you. You may have perused the basic videos on the Maybelline website, you've probably checked out Michelle Phan (the makeup artist who became famous for her YouTube tutorials), and you might even be aware of the celeb-inspired tutorials on If so, you've been lucky enough to stumble on some of the best options out there. But if you're still looking for some help, here are just a few things that the best tutorials websites will provide.

  1. A face like yours. If you know next to nothing about the properties of your face (shape, color, skin tone, etc.) then you might have trouble nailing this first step. But if you want to get the most out of makeup tutorials you need to find ones that will work for you. For example, it won't do you much good to learn eye-shadow techniques for Asian eyes if yours are more round and you have deep creases (you could end up looking like a heavy-lidded raccoon). So take a good look in the mirror and think about the shape of your face and your features, your colors (eye, hair, and skin), and whether or not you have special considerations that you'd like to address (acne scars, for example). This can really help you to find a site with a makeup specialist that looks like you or at least speaks to your particular needs.
  2. Start-to-finish instructions. This is a must for the novice trying new looks. If you start watching videos only to find that they're skipping steps, you should move on to another site that has more comprehensive (and useful) tutorials. After all, it's no good to you if you can't complete the look because essential stages are missing.
  3. Products. The best videos for makeup tutorials often feature professional makeup artists. And if they're good they'll tell you exactly which products you need to recreate their look. They will not only tell you, they'll show you the cosmetics and brushes they're using so that you can take notes or pics with you to the store to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Some will even tell you where to shop.
  4. Alternatives. Since many professional cosmetics and tools are a bit too pricy for the average individual, good tutorials will often have recommendations for comparable products that are available in a lower price range and can generally be found at national chain stores (since not every location has a MAC store or Chanel counter).
  5. Production value. Even a stellar YouTube Downloader won't improve a video that was made without high-quality video and audio. So if you want the best chance to copy a look you need to select a website with videos that are easy to hear, consistently well lit, and feature plenty of close-ups. If you can't really see the colors used or make out the finished look then the video is basically useless.
(Guest Post by Carol)

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