Do Natural Weight Loss Pills Lead to Depression?

At present, people are into weight loss pills because they believe that they will promote immediate weight loss like around 30 lbs in 30 days and are effective even without combining them with proper diet and routine activity or exercise. Some may be proven true to their claims, while others are not.

Many natural weight loss pills are guaranteed effective, leading to weight reduction in a short time. But these pills are made to be consumed for a short duration of time. Some of them are prescribed for 6 months or lower because after that, there is a tendency that the body won’t react to the pills anymore and become resistant unless the person pursues appropriate exercise and diet.


Taking the pills in a long duration may result to manifestation of adverse effects although these effects are already present during the beginning of use. The different side effects include loose stools, headache, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, stress, anxiety and depression. Now to the question “do natural weight loss pills lead to depression?” the answer is yes. Some people may deny it because the pills we are talking about is herbal or natural. Then again, they are not exempted. Even all natural pills can have an impact to the nervous system which may result to depression. Being all natural does not justify that they are safe. The safety of these pills is reliant on their components. Sometimes, the manufacturer simply claims about the safety but not really giving you full guarantee.

Unfortunately, other side effects of taking these natural pills are far worse than those stated above. More serious risks of pills in this nature can happen to those suffering from coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, stroke and congestive heart failure. Many medical professionals also warned that natural weight loss pills are controlled substances and can develop into habit. Some more side effects are palpitation, constipation, acne, dizziness, thirst and joint disorder. It is not also impossible for someone to experience back pain, anorexia, and abdominal pain while having these pills.

Natural weight loss pills and other weight loss pills can lead to depression because of the stimulation it gives to the central nervous system; thus people undergo mood changes in the course of taking the pills. Once they discontinue taking them for a certain duration, they begin to feel okay and the other depression related manifestations are minimized. Depression is challenging to deal with. It can bother the person’s daily living as well as the people close to the person. There is a consequence with effective weight loss via pills, and that is depression. It is common to experience that kind of struggle. In every goal achieved, there is something in your life that becomes unstable.

The right approach is to seek medical advice before taking in diet pills so that you will be instructed what pills to take, when to take them, and how long to take them. They know what is best for you that would not risk anything or would give minimal risk. Also, follow their prescription; do not be tempted to take the pills longer or take more than what’s required just to achieve faster results and to cut off more pounds.
The most unbeatable way to lose weight is the custom diet and exercise. The results are not immediately visible, but they are very safe and healthy. It is not so good to take a short-cut; there will always be consequences.

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