Important questions you need to ask yourself before going for a facelift surgery

It has been sometime since cosmetic surgery has spilled over from Hollywood to mainstream and every day hundreds and thousands of people flocked to different cosmetic surgery clinics across the globe in the hope of reinventing themselves. One of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery is facelift surgery and there are a couple things that you need to keep in mind before going for a facelift surgery.

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  • Do you actually need it - that might sound like a dumb question but it is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself before going for a facelift surgery. A facelift surgery would typically involve the use of Botox and different types of facial fillers that are aimed at strengthening your facial skin and helping it get rid of physical imperfections. Most of the cases, lasers along with complicated surgeries are also required. Now, you need to ask yourself whether or not you actually need a facelift surgery are maybe if it's a good idea to go for a facial rejuvenation. If you go for a facial rejuvenation, the plastic surgeon is going to straighten out the wrinkles here and there and just a couple of small doses of Botox or maybe even fillers are going to suffice. If you are young and are already aware of the benefits of keeping your skin healthy, have the job is done; if you are sure that healthy habits are not going to take care of your problem, you should first discuss with your plastic surgeon about the benefits that prospective plastic surgeries are going to offer you and then make an informed choice.
  • Should you go for a fat filler or synthetic filler - this is the second important question that you need to ask yourself after you have decided that your face actually needs a “lift”. Organic fillers are often used by plastic surgeons who straighten out deep furrows and kinks and many patients also prefer organic stuff. In this case, the plastic surgeon is going to remove excess fat from other areas of your body, cultivate it and then use it for volumizing your facial skin. This might sound good but the chances of infection are very high with fat fillers because most of the cases small traces of blood remain in the fat cells even after cultivation and that could lead to nasty infections. Synthetic fillers on the other hand offer better results sans the side effects and in most of the cases they last longer than the organic varieties. At the end of day you and your doctor will need to take a call.
  • Cheap versus pricey products - there are a couple of facial fillers available on the market that are very cheap compared to the reputed varieties. Now, if you are putting something beneath your facial skin, you want it to achieve desired results and the results should last as long as possible. In the cases of most cheap products, the results do not last as long as the pricey versions and the frequency of repeat visits makes up for the money you save by going for cheap products. So, don't choose a product based on price.
  • What price is the right price? If you take a close look on craigslist advertisements and local newspaper advertisements, you would see that there are literally hundreds of grooming parlors that have started offering “beautification” services. Since, these people can't legally claim to be able to give medical treatments, they have devised other words and phrases to define the procedures and in almost all the cases they are going to charge you twice what you would pay at a cosmetic surgery clinic for a facelift surgery. Of course, these parlors are only going to use synthetic fillers, but it is always a better idea to avoid them because that would compromise your safety and also burn a hole in your pocket. Never trust of beauty clinic unless it has a group of cosmetic surgeons to take care of you.
This post is written by Jessica Palin. She is a skilled writer with medical background, who has been writing for a popular cosmetic surgery Beverly Hills for facelift.

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