Homemade Cleanser for Face

After a long hard day at work, when you return home the first thing you would want to do is wash your face.

And why not! The dust, grime and grease accumulated on your face in the course of the day due to pollution and other factors weighs you down and you just want to get rid of that muck once and for all.

The gentle splash of cold water on your face and eyes does the trick and  perks you up to feel clean, refreshed and relaxed both physically and mentally.

Now when you are tired and eager to wash your face, concocting a DIY recipe would be the last thing on your mind and you would naturally reach for that store-bought face wash, cleanser or soap.

But then the results would not be as dramatic as the below mentioned yogurt one or this tried and tested homemade face wash. (The latter one can be prepared well in advance and stored for months together.)
Washing your face is a great way to feel fresh. The gentle splash of cold water on your face and eyes relaxes you.

Homemade Yogurt-Lemon-Orange Face Cleanser

Now then if  you are in the mood to dabble with DIY beauty aids, go ahead and prepare this super easy, effective homemade cleanser.

You will need only 3 ingredients - lemon juice,  orange juice and firm yogurt (curds). All these are excellent cleansing agents.

Take 3 tsp each of lemon juice, orange juice and yogurt. Mix well and massage the mixture onto your face and neck in gentle circular motions. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water followed by a splash of cold water.

This deep cleanses and gets rid of all sorts of hidden impurities lodged inside your pores leaving you with a fresh, clean and radiant face.
yogurt (curds) orange juice lemon juice
               Yogurt                       Orange Juice               Lemon juice

Also try these Homemade Cleansing milk, Astringent and Toner or this Homemade Cleansing milk for dry skin
(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. I've been using the Oil Cleansing Method, and it's been great. The wonderful thing is that it's so adjustable for your own skin - you can try different combinations of oils until you find the right one. I use a mix of avocado, jojoba, and apricot. My skin is glowing and beautiful

  2. Daksha8:43 AM

    Drink carrot juice regularly with honey for a month to clear marks, scars and blemishes.
    Tomato pulp can be applied everyday on the face and washed off after half an hour to get rid of scars from pimples.

  3. Heera8:44 AM

    All skin types, especially mature skin, will benefit from a post-steam facial massage to keep skin moist and soft. Simply apply a few drops of a light oil (such as avocado or apricot kernel) to your fingers, then gently massage your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck using small, inward circles.

  4. Prachi8:45 AM

    Add dried lavender and calendula (plus any additional herbs of your choice) to a large French press or teapot. Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the herbs and steep for about 10 minutes.

  5. Prajakta8:47 AM

    Coconut oil.It seems to dry oily skin, and moisturize dry skin. It feels and looks great

  6. Powdered milk has a good abrasive quality to scrub away the dead skin cells and it has lactic acid to dissolve the top layer of skin. Try on a small area first to make sure you're not sensitive.

  7. Laila8:51 AM

    1/2 cup honey
    1/2 cup glycerin
    1 tbs castile soap
    10 drops favorite essential oil

  8. Revati8:52 AM

    Try Aloe Vera. Ive use the gel to clear dirt, dead skin and pimples.


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