DIY Wedding Tips for Skin & Makeup

You’ve got a lot on your mind with all the planning that needs to get done before your wedding day.  Most brides get started a year before the big day, but still you’ll find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off as you try to sift through samples and make your final choices in a timely manner.  This is why wedding planners exist!  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them.  So if you’re stressing hard enough to suffer from breakouts (most brides do) but you simply don’t have it in your budget to obtain the services of an esthetician and a makeup artist before the wedding, here are just a few skin and makeup tips to help you look spectacular on your special day.

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Let’s start with your skin.  By now you probably have a pretty good idea of what type of skin you’re dealing with (oily, dry, combination), but if you’re still suffering from acne or other problems (dry skin, for example), there’s a good chance you’re not using the right products.  You’ll find a lot of conflicting information on the Internet, so that may not be the best place to start.  But if you need some good advice – stat! – why not swing by the beauty counter of a nearby department store?

Clinique and LancĂ´me are both considered to have excellent skincare products, and their employees are trained to help customers find the right products.  It’s like having a free esthetician on hand.  Although you shouldn’t expect to find a licensed esthetician at the beauty counter, these employees know their products inside and out and with some input on the problems you’re facing they can help you find skincare solutions that should get you on track.  These products may be a little pricier than their drugstore brethren, but often they contain stronger ingredients than lower-cost alternatives and the truth is, once you get the information you want you can always walk away and look for similar (but less expensive) options.

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As for makeup, there are a couple of good DIY options.  For starters, you can look for makeup application videos online in order to emulate the look you’re going for, whether it’s a smoky eye, a retro red lip, or a natural, sun-kissed glow.  And if you check out the beauty aisle at just about any drugstore you’ll find that there are foolproof kits specifically meant for certain skin or eye colors so you don’t have to guess at which hues that are right for you.  Of course, you’re best bet is to get a few different things to try (this is especially important when matching foundation to skin tone) so that you can get just the right makeup for your wedding day.


Once the photographer, the caterer, the florist, and the wedding magician are in the can (not to mention the venue, the dress, and…oh, yeah, the wedding party), it’s time to start attending to the details that are going to make you look as special as you feel on your big day.  So if you want that bridal glow but you’ve blown your budget on other essentials, simply find ways to do it yourself when it comes to makeup.  You’ll be surprised by how great you can look without having to shell out for an esthetician and makeup artist.
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(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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