New Year, New You: Style Tips for You and Your Honey

Sure, the holidays are touted as being the best time of the year to spend hours on end with friends and family, spend outrageous money on gifts, get a few in return and bake cookies with Grandma.
But, what really matters during the holiday season is stepping out in style. And, not only stepping out in style, but doing it alongside your slightly less stylish boyfriend. You can't have him stealing your thunder, after all. Even if you missed the boat this holiday season, it isn’t too late to improve both of your style!

So, what should you wear to ensure that you arrive at all of your functions looking like a bedazzled winter dream? And what should your boyfriend wear to look like a bedazzled winter dream's boyfriend? You both want to look good without overdoing it, but it's hard to tell when you've gone too far.
Check out these tips for how you and your boyfriend can roll out in style, without going overboard.

  you and your honey

Family Dinner If you're thinking of wearing matching outfits anywhere: don't. But, if you're thinking of wearing outfits that compliment one another: DO.

While matching means that both of you will inch close to looking somewhat androgynous, complimenting one another means that you'll effortlessly look the part of a celebrity couple that's just spent hours with a stylist.

This season, go for a professional chic look with a mix of dark hues, textured patterns, bursts of color and shining jewelry. Keep things casual with a pair of black flats and natural toned make-up. His look should appear to be an offspring of yours. A pair of dark wash jeans, paired with a thick double-breasted cardigan layered over a crisp white dress shirt and tie to match your brightest color should do the trick. Mens rings are in this season, but don't choose something too flashy. Keep the look grounded with a dark brown pair of loafers and matching belt, and choose a patterned scarf up to top to keep him toasty.
Gala Glamour Whether you're heading out on the, having a fancy dinner or going to a house party, you'll look great standing next to each other in coordinating outfits. Figure- flattering silhouette dresses are in this year, along with decorative booties and patterned tights. A chunky necklace with a sparkling ring, braided belt and simple clutch go perfectly with smoky eyes, vintage earrings and a bright pop of red lipstick to help you photograph at your best. Guys look great in cotton chinos paired with a snazzier nighttime blazer. A black shirt and black tie will add subtle depth to the outfit while a bright pocket square to compliment your colors will make his entire ensemble pop. Brown boots and a belt with a chunky scarf will top off his look perfectly!

What To Give Even though the ‘giving’ season is technically over, it’s always nice to get a little something for that special someone- and accessories are always a good way to go. Boots are a popular item for guys this fall and winter, and they can even be worn into spring. You can peek through his closet to see what he doesn't have or what needs to be replaced. Also, listen to him to hear if he wants anything specific, but that he's maybe too afraid to buy himself. Accessories like scarves, jewelry or ties also make good stocking stuffers. You can even gift an entire outfit, just to get him started off on the right foot for the New Year, and to make sure you'll compliment one another all year long!
(Guest Post by Ashley)

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I would recommend making sure you always smell really good. (But not like a French whore.) Get lots of lotions and perfumes. Guys always notice when you smell really good. :)


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