Great Gift Ideas for the Beauty Enthusiast

Although the smorgasbord of holiday spending is over, it’s never too early to start planning for the many birthdays that will pop up during the calendar year.  And considering how many retailers are blowing out stock with massive post-holiday sales, this could be a perfect time to start thinking about the gifts you will need in the coming year.  Plus, it no doubt fits in with your New Year’s resolution to stop waiting until the last minute to purchase and send cards and presents to your family and close friends.  And if there are a lot of ladies in your life that favor the beauty aisle at the drug store (and let’s face it, most do) then here are a few great ideas that will appeal to the biggest beauty enthusiasts in your life.
  1. Flat iron.  Frizzy perms have gone the way of the dodo and beachy waves only work on women that have long hair, so if you’re looking for a beauty gift that nearly any woman can use to spice up her appearance, think about a fantastic flat iron (unless she has a short and sporty pixie cut).  Ceramic flat irons are the way to go, and the Solia Tourmaline is a best buy.  The 1¼-inch plates with Dynamic Alignment ensure even heat distribution and hair that comes out straight, shiny, and silky.  It comes in a variety of bright colors to suit any personality or color palette, and with a price tag of about $80, it’s a lot less expensive than many options on the market.
  2. Nars Multiple Bronzer.  With the summer sun a distant memory and tanning beds a risky proposition, the beauty-loving gals in your life may be on the lookout for a great product to give them the sun-kissed glow they love.  Nars has the solution with this oil-free bronzing stick for lips, cheeks, and eyes.  It comes in four shades so you should be able to match just about any skin tone, and it provides for a light, natural, sunny look, even in the heart of winter (for only $37 per stick).
  3. Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne.  There is a lot to like in this summery scent, especially at $55.  While many rose perfumes can be overpowering or smell like your grandma, this flirty blend of seven roses can serve as a signature scent or a fallback for special occasions.  And the classic look (the clear bottle displays pretty pink liquid for an appearance that is both feminine and understated) is a welcome addition to any boudoir.
  4. L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream.  Who wants to spend thirty bucks on a tube of fancy hand cream when they can get a similar product at the drug store for $5?  The thing is, this hand cream is, in a word, amazing.  Anyone who tries it will never again settle for a bottle of Jergens on the cheap.  And if you give it as a gift, they’ll love it even more.
  5. Gift cards.  You just can’t go wrong by offering your beauty-hungry friends a card that will allow them to splurge on the products they won’t buy for themselves.  While men will appreciate gifts like that are practical (like shaving goods), technical (like the latest gadgets), and even old-school (like pocket watches), women can be a bit more picky.  So get a gift card for a high-end department store that has plenty of options (Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.) or go for a beauty-centric outlet like Mac or Sephora.

Carol Montrose is a contributing writer for the Executive Gift Shoppe where you can find a bevy of great gifts for the professional in your life.

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