Are Expensive Beauty Products Worth the Money?

Many women feel that the higher the price tag when it comes to beauty products, the more miraculous the transformation that will occur when they use it.  But pretty much everyone who has shelled out beaucoup bucks for high-end products from department stores or exclusive beauty retailers has probably wondered just what all the hype is about.  While plenty of celebrities and beauty experts will tout the amazing qualities of pricy lines like La Mer, Chanel, and Orlane (just to name a few) to turn back the clock on aging, the truth is that no product is a miracle cure.  And yet, more expensive options may contain the rare and exclusive ingredients that work to slow the aging process.  So how can you tell whether or not it’s worth it to splurge?


The long and short of it is that you don’t really need to spend a lot to get good quality when it comes to beauty products.  While you can certainly spend your hard-earned money on so-called miracle creams, upscale makeup, and anti-aging serums, you can also find comparable products at far less cost that will offer almost exactly the same benefits.  They may not come with ingredients like precious metals (gold, platinum, and so on), caviar, and floral extracts found only in the deepest reaches of the Amazon rainforest, but many reasonably-priced products contain practically the same common ingredients that more costly brands rely on to deliver the results they promise.

For example, the Olay Regenerist line, which ranges in price from about $20 to $50, has been highly rated since its inception just a few years ago, even when compared to far more expensive products.  The line has not only been well reviewed by beauty experts; it has also ranked highly in blind tests (beating out pricy competitors) and received rave reviews from happy customers.  And this is just one example of a product line that can give you the beauty benefits you seek without the exorbitant price tags that really buy you nothing more than a brand name.

But even aside from the content of these concoctions and what they claim to be able to do for your appearance, you need to think about how long they’re going to last.  Every product has a shelf life, and for cosmetics and creams, the expiration date is never far off.  While women have been known to save and use products for years, and certain products can remain viable for 1-2 years (less for liquids, longer for powders), many are more likely to begin losing potency within 3-6 months.  They may start to separate, crumble, or even spoil (depending on the ingredients).  And while heat and humidity are certainly factors, the bacteria that is introduced by fingers, brushes, and even exposure to the air can cause problems to your skin over time (like breakouts or rashes).

So unless you’re prepared to spend major money every few months to rejuvenate your beauty shelf, it behooves you to seek products that are budget-friendly.  You may have to shop around a bit and do your homework to find the products that suit you at a price you can afford, just like anyone else seeking goods or services(even charitable organizations have to comparison shop for non-profit credit card processing providers).  But the outcome will be a shelf full of beauty products that deliver the performance you seek without ruining your credit.

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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  1. Chadani3:37 PM

    Absolutely not!natural ingredients produce the best results and what they put in cosmets today are not natural

  2. Darpan3:38 PM

    Depending...Sometimes, they are really expensive and very FINE quality. Dont you think? But sometimes things (beauty products) Are really expensive, and you can find the same stuff cheaper!

  3. Yes I think they are. I like estee mascara and YSL products. You do pay more but the quality of the products speak for them selves. I have bought cheaper brands and really it is false economy as I end up throwing them away.

  4. If someone is trying to be careful with money, it would be more sensible to use a cheaper cleanser and toner, but a more expensive moisturizer or night cream or exfoliant. If someone has money as no object, then use expensive cleansers and toners also.

  5. April4:50 PM

    For skincare- yes, expensive can be worth it. For makeup- no, expensive is not worth it. moderate to cheap price based on convenience. foundation is an exception- its worth to spend the extra money because I dont want to retouch my makeup.) For other types of makeup: blush, eyeshadow, liner... i dont care if it is cheap cuz its just something I can retouch.

  6. I've used the olay line and found it didn't work as well on me. I found that you get a very small amount for what you pay for. If you figure the price and the amount you really get, it's pretty expensive stuff. I found throwing away more than I actually use especially mascaras and eye shadows. They just didn't last long. Disappearing after a few hours. There are several brands that I always go back to because they last and the colors are great. I put more money in moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and some in masks. Very little goes into the colors which I usually get as free gifts and last for months.


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