Stained teeth - types and causes

Are you agonizing over those awful stains on your teeth, which are tenacious and don’t seem to budge to regular & proper brushing? Are those time-tested and decidedly effective teeth whitening home-remedies, highly recommended by your friend not working for you? Now if you have been worrying over this constantly and wondering perhaps what could be done to erase these stubborn teeth stains that are tainting the beauty of your smile, don’t lose heart.
Hillary Clinton's stained teeth
Even Hillary Clinton has stained teeth.

stained yellow teethstained discolored teeth

Most types of stains are correctable today, so you don’t have to live with a tainted smile! Furthermore, those kinds of stains that cannot be removed by the regular ultrasonic scaling (cleaning) of teeth, can be eliminated with other techniques like bleaching, veneers etc. depending on the situation. (Also read Teeth Whitening Remedies.) So, go on, consult your dentist about which modus operandi would be ideal for your kind of stain and translate your embarrassment into poise. Meanwhile, check out this info on the types of dental stains and their causes.

Yellow stain
Yellow, Mustard
Poor oral hygiene formed generally as semicircles adjacent to the gums; sometimes is the natural shade of the teeth by way of heredity or race.
Brown stain
Brown, Brownish black
The usual tea/coffee stains; occurs in individuals who do not brush sufficiently or brush without adequate cleansing action
Black stain
Chromogenic bacteria have been implicated, primarily the Actinomyces species.
Green stain
Green, greenish yellow
Common in children, discolouration has been attributed to fluorescent bacteria and fungi.
Orange stain
Orange, bright red
Less common, caused by rare bacteria.
Tobacco stain
Tenacious dark brown or
Black surface deposit
Accompanied by discoloration of tooth substance; staining results from coal tar combustion products and penetration of tooth material by tobacco juices.
Metallic stains
Green (copper, nickel)
Brown (iron) Black
(mercury, manganese, silver)
Caused by metals and metallic salts, which may be introduced into the mouth in metal-containing dust inhaled by industry workers or because medicines administered through the mouth.

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  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Most teeth whitening procedures will work with natural teeth; veneers, crowns, bondings and fillings don’t usually respond to whitening agents. Whitening also depends on the undertone one has which range from Pale yellow to pale brown or grey.Teeth whitening generally works for those with Pale yellow undertone as compared to those with Brown undertone.

    Bleaching would be a success generally for those whose teeth are stained because of tea, coffee, wine or cola.

  2. Over time, we can build up stains that are actually embedded in our tooth enamel. Only a dentist can deal with that - and it may take more than one treatment. There are several options - as mentioned in the post above; better to consult one's dentist to learn more.

  3. If you have stained teeth, by forgetting to brush your teeth twice day; here's an action plan that would work. First of all you need to visit your dentist and have an exam and cleaning. This will determine the health of your mouth and clean up the plaque and tartar stains on your teeth. Second, you will need to floss and brush 2x to 3x a day in order to maintain your healthy smile. Use Colgate Total toothpaste, Johnson-Johnson Woven floss, and a fluoride mouth rinse. Third, carry your toothbrush and toothpaste with you for convenience. Floss while watching TV and rinse after each meal. This is a Basic Plan of Action for oral health. Make it fun and change it up every month by using a different toothpaste and mouth rinse. Finally, reward yourself by "whitening" your teeth after two or three months. You can also use a chewing gum that contains xylitol or sorbitol. Enjoy your new smile!!

  4. Stephanie10:09 PM

    Baking soda mixed with peroxide works great!


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