Hot Makeup Trends for Fall

As the leaves start falling, we’re all trying to get our hands on the hottest looks for the colder months. With the New York Fashion Week ongoing, it seems there are a host of trends popping up on the runway that will give hungry fashionistas what they are looking for, and a taste of what is to come in the world of fall makeup trends. Makeup artists for Marc Jacobs, Brian Reyes, and Peter Som have set the stage, and those of us anxiously awaiting can now rest easy knowing what to put on with the sweaters dutifully pulled from closets.
Makeup Trends for Fall

All or Nothing
It seems this fall that makeup is taking an “all or nothing” approach. Popular looks seemed to teeter-totter between almost-nude faces and splashes of color with bold audacity. This is great news for those of us who generally run middle of the road, as we can play down our usual looks, or hype them up for something a bit more fun. This approach provides a great deal of versatility that will keep looks fresh, and no woman bored with her makeup.

Giving it All
For those that choose to go all out, there are a few trends in particular that are standing out on the runway—easily replicated by the amateur makeup artist in her bathroom.

Think Bold: Bright colors stand out in this fall’s look. This boldness certainly not manifest in excessive David Bowie-esque application of color, but rather on a browbone, or bright smoky eyes. Two-toned color allows for playful combinations. Purple is the hot color this fall—for eyes, lips, or whatever you wish.

Kiss, Kiss: Speaking of bold color, bright red lips grace our mouths this fall—paired with barely-there eye shadow. Remember not to overwhelm, but to properly balance the features of your face—but these lips can certainly make a statement.

Hello Brows: In keeping with the trend, brows tend to be darker, filled in for enhanced arches. This move accentuates the attitude of the eye, and provides impact with little work.

Barely There
Us gals who don’t always want to take the time to paint ourselves up are in for a treat. While the nude look certainly doesn’t eliminate all application, it may allow us to feel a bit more comfortable in our skin.

Neutral Color: No color, taupe, or a slightly warmer neutral with a hint of shimmer seems to be the top option for eyes. Just a bit of mascara—in brown rather than black—frames eyes beautifully without high impact.

Blush: Though very little color is introduced into the nude look, just a bit of blush accentuates the natural features that this simplicity is trying to showcase. Be sure to pick colors that aren’t too bright. You only want to look a bit rosy, not brazen.

Nude Lips: With cold, dry weather approaching this comes as a blessing for those of us that suffer severe chapping. The high-gloss colors are out this fall, opting instead for a nude lip—so bust out the lip balm without tint, or opt for a color similar to the natural color of your lips.

No matter what your style, this year’s hot makeup looks offer you versatility to embrace the all-or-nothing attitude.

Carol Montrose is a writer for Bag Bunch, a top online magazine that discusses the latest in celebrity bags, and fashion trends.

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