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Visible Panty Line
As she goes past your desk, you can't  help but notice a rather criss-crossed backside...

To avoid ugly VPL (visible Panty Line) under pants and skirts, shop for special seam-free underwear with flattened edges and high-cut legs, preferably made of micro-fibres which guarantee a VPL-free day. Thongs and boy-short styles work well but for a smooth top-to-bottom silhouette, try those with a high waist and a long, thigh-hugging legs.

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  1. Tips for avoiding visible panty lines are
    buy seamless underwear. they need not be thongs contrary to popular belief. my favorite brands are the body by victoria seamless ones and the jocket no pantyline promise ones. boy shorts are a good alternative to thongs, since they go below where a normal panty line would be.

  2. Best way to avoid visible panty lines apart from thongs IS seamless underwear try Victoria secret

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    No. 1. I think you have to find the perfect fit. No matter what kind you buy (other than a thong), will show some lines. You have to be sure they are not too tight. How many times have you seen a cute thin girl---with tacky bulges from jeans that are too tight.
    No. 2. Then, get one of the underwear lines with the intent of minimizing lines. Gap body is pretty good.
    No. 3. Consider boy shorts / hipsters. They go below the traditional underware area, and blend into your legs better.
    No. 4. If you really don't care what you look like under your clothes, you could even consider a control device. Target carries a panty ho like pair of shorts. They keep you tucked away and there are no lines anywhere near your booty.

  4. They make specially designed panties that are flesh colored and don't show up at ALL, no matter what your wearing. I suggest going to your nearest department store and ask a sales clerk if they have any, I bet they do! Oh, and they are made of this really thin, breathable cotton, that feels really comfortable.

  5. Anonymous9:19 AM

    A few ideas..
    *Thongs can be unconfortable, but try g-strings instead (thinner line) also make sure they are the right size i usually wear one size up than i would normal panties..
    *Full-coverage briefs in a clingy fabric, such as silk or nylon. Also, be sure to buy the right size, as a too-big brief will bunch up and give dreaded panty lines.

    *Mesh/Lace boy-short panties they don't have thick, bulky bands of elastic; instead, they anchor around your bottom with stretchy mesh lace and they cover your bottom not cutting off leaving bulges where regular bikinis do.
    *Body-shaping under wear. ones that hold in tummies but they do the trick as far as creating smooth seemless effect. they usually go from waist to mid-thigh, smoothing the whole hip and tummy area, but you can get them in so many different options now


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