Style Tips-Avoid such 'nippy' embarrassing situations


Nipples seen through tight-fitting shirt
She walks into a chilly air-conditioned room wearing a fitted T-shirt and things get very 'nippy'...
The solution:
T-shirt bras are a boon when it come to seamless smoothness under T-shirts but to avoid having your nipples stick out (especially so in enthusiastic air-conditioning), make sure they are padded. Very convenient for this purpose are pads that you can simply slip into your bra or even nipple stick-ons or nipple covers such as this & this that will buffer such embarrassment.
(Contributed by Dhanya)

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  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    This is why I do not wear bras. They are uncomfortable and are all about a sexual vision. It is proven that women who wear bras keep their boobs perkier longer but there are a plethora of different exercises you can do daily/weekly that would do an even better job than any bra.
    I say, be bold! Go bra-less!

  2. Christina3:04 PM

    Wear a padded bra, doesnt have to be heavy padding, just a decent amount should provide coverage. Or try the special stickers they sell for that purpose

  3. there are special bra's which has soft spung inside.u can ask such bras to salesgirls.and if u doesn't find that use bra pad inside any that case you will fix your problem.

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    tape up your nipples

  5. Gracy9:21 AM

    Hmm great tip!

  6. Manjula9:06 AM

    I think you're doing some amazing stuff, be proud.

  7. Yogita9:06 AM

    What a fabulous point! You are right!


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