August 18, 2010

Jaw contouring with Botox

Botox injection
Botox to sculpt a square jawline? Yes, it's true! Showing off high cheekbones was never this easy! But it needs to be done by a qualified and competent doctor or else it can also result in an unsightly disproportionate lower face and a gauntly appearance.

How it works: The client is asked to clench her/his jaws after which a tiny Botox injection is given to the hardest part of the muscle. This results in relaxing the muscle, thereby doing away with the square look of the jaw and imparting  a narrower facial contour. The results are seen in about a week, and peak between three to six weeks later.

Highlights: Results are almost dramatic and people with fleshiest of faces come out with higher looking cheek bones and a "softer" and more defined jaw line. Results last for 8-12 months and work best on younger people.

Further reading: Botox for jaw line contouring from RealSelf
Also watch this below shown YouTube Video and more such videos on jaw and facial contouring with Botox.

(Guest Post by Smitha)
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  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    It can do to improve an individual's appearance. It can also modify the contour of the jawline.

  2. UNKNOWN9:39 AM

    A square jawline is considered more of a masculine feature that gives the face a boxier shape, and it is for this reason that jawline contouring has become a popular cosmetic procedure.
    Cosmetic jawline contouring is typically performed on women. It has the ability to achieve a less prominent jawline, create a harmonious balance with other facial features and soften the appearance.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Some women have a more "square" jawline that can give the face a more masculine and less soft appearance.
    Occasionally one side can even be wider than the other.
    Surgery used to be the only option but Botox is now widely used as a very effective treatment.

  4. Interesting information. Very helpful video. Thanks for the great post.


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