Beauty and Grooming Prep for a Date

The first date, as stressful and overwhelming as it can be, is not the only opportunity to set the right impression.  Therefore, all the dates that follow (second, third, fourth, etc.) can be just as nerve wracking as the first.  And most often, it's the prep time before the date during which most of the nerves and anxiety sets in.  But there are some simple things that you can do while you get ready to help quell your nerves, get your mind right and settled, and make you look even better and beautiful for your date. 

Get a Head Start
If you already know when your date is planned, start prepping yourself a few days in advance to ensure that you will look your best.  You never want to wait until the last minute for anything, especially when it comes to getting in some time to prepare for your date.  A few days before, start watching what you eat a little more closely, drink more water, and get some rest.  This will guarantee that you are feeling rested and looking rested and toned for your date.  Drinking plenty of water and staying away from foods that are too greasy will keep your skin hydrated and glowing without looking too oily and getting a last minute pimple.

Early Bird Catches the Worm 
Pick out your outfit days before the date, and find something that tastefully flatters or accentuates your favorite part body parts.  If you do this a few days before the date, you will know whether or not you actually even own something you will feel comfortable and beautiful in.  If you find that you don't have something to wear, time to take a trip to your favorite clothing store.  Don't overspend and buy something you would only wear once for this date.  The simpler the better, and buy separate pieces, that way you can mix and match to make different outfits.

Relax Your Body and Your Mind
Take a soothing bath a few hours before the date.  And maybe pop open a bottle of wine and help yourself to a glass.  Only one, though.  If you are taking a hot enough bath and soak long enough in it, you can sweat out the small glass of wine before you even get on the date.  So make sure you keep it to a single glass, you don't want to make a fool out of yourself as soon as the date starts.  And the warm water will help ease the nerves in your body, so you feel more comfortable in your own skin while you are out on the date.

Clean House
During and after the bath, make sure to do your usual beauty regimen.  Wax the legs, pluck the eyebrows, shave the armpits, brush your teeth, and wash your hair.  All the usual suspects.  But make sure this is done on the day of the date, so that you appear the most freshly groomed and beautiful as possible.  This will not only make you look fantastic on the outside, but will make you feel sexy and beautiful on the inside.

Don't Overdo It
As far as make up and perfumes or lotions are concerned, less is more.  Avoid caking on too much make up, it will prevent you from having to check up on your make up throughout the date, and will also accentuate your natural beauty.  Strongly scented perfumes and lotions can be overwhelming and often distasteful.  A simple lotion or a tiny spritz of perfume will be enough to last all night without overwhelming your date's senses.  
Carol Montrose is a writer for Pick Up Artist where you can find great tips and advice on dating.

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