Style Tip - Don't wear age-inappropriate clothes

wearing age-inappropriate clothes
She's 27 but her wardrobe leaves you believing she's 16.

Wearing age-inappropriate clothes is perhaps the worst fashion faux pas. Squeezing into a size eight when you are a size 10 only makes you look larger and wearing clothes from the teen/kiddie section isn't cute; it screams desperation. Wear who you are, and be proud of it!
(Contributed by Dhanya)

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  1. Swarna9:15 AM

    Why do older women wear inappropriate clothes?

  2. Neena9:16 AM

    these women have not learned to dress age appropriately. they may be in denial that they are getting older.

  3. Savita9:18 AM

    Women wear clothes that are clearly for younger girls to feel younger, or they feel the clothes will help them look younger. I think it is all about the wishing to look younger.

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    your clothes tell a story about your personality and how you are likely to be perceived by others.
    The clothes you choose to wear on a daily basis provides important information about you as a person, your approximate education level, your income or social status, and even your level of self-esteem. What story is your clothes telling about you?

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    When women dress in a skimpy, seductive style of dress akin to a street corner hooker, they shouldn’t be too surprised when men treat them with less respect and dignity than a woman dressed more modestly. You teach people how to treat you.

  6. Nice advice. Well i will follow it definitely.

  7. Sonali12:16 PM

    Good info

  8. Malini12:22 PM

    This is very, very interesting, and as usual well written. useful, and stumbled too.

  9. Waajid2:55 PM

    Wear belts that complement your size. If you’re very big or really small, avoid chunky belts or over-decorated belts. If you’re skinny choose slim belts.

  10. Anonymous2:57 PM

    To avoid ugly VPL (visible panty line) under pants and skirts shop for special seam-free underwear with flattened edges and high-cut legs, preferably made of micro-fibres which guarantees a VPL-free day.

  11. Shamita9:25 AM

    Wow this sounds interesting.

  12. Bhavani9:50 AM

    I love this post, too. So relatable, for so many of us. :)

  13. Vaibhavi9:51 AM

    I really love this post :)

  14. Kunda9:39 AM

    Great article, you have some really good topics here

  15. Vasudha8:55 AM

    Downplay jowls with gorgeous earrings, but stay away from chokers, which bring eyes straight to your jawline. Love necklaces? They should hit at the collarbone or lower. Don’t wear elaborate earrings and a necklace, pick one or the other. Both can be overkill.


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