Style tip: Look slim in pants


Time to ditch those clumpy platforms if you wanna look slimmer and taller. Here's an excellent finishing touch to look slim in pants and create an illusion of height - Pointed toe shoes. They appear to let the length of the pants flow into a point, and end in a natural place. Round toed shoes on the other hand, make your legs look stumpy.


Here are some pointed toe shoes that you might like:
Fashion Bug Pointed Toe Pumps Shoes Womens Witch Costume Shoes 3 3/4 Inch Sexy High Heel Shoe Halloween Pointed Toe Witch Spiderweb Black
Fashion Bug Pointed Toe Pumps Shoes       Sexy High Heel Shoe Halloween Pointed Toe Witch Spiderweb Black
ALDO Gatski - Women Mid-low Heels ShoesALDO Jodoin - Clearance Heels Women's Shoes
ALDO Gatski - Women Mid-low Heels Shoes              ALDO Jodoin - Clearance Heels Women's Shoes
(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Mihir4:56 PM

    boot cut jeans or skinny jeans look really nice with pointed shoes :)

  2. Chirag4:57 PM

    Skinny jeans look great with pointed shoes.

  3. Chandan4:58 PM

    From experience, the pointed toe shoes only look good with long pants, preferably ones that already cover most of the shoe! If you wear shoes that are the same color as the pants, they make your legs look longer. I think the bright red ones will be a nice contrast to monocolors, esp if you also coordinate with a belt or handbag.

  4. unknown5:00 PM

    What style of pants makes you look slimmer?

  5. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Symmetry will make you look thin. So if you wear skinny jeans, that will make you look skinny at the bottom (where your legs are smallest) and huge at the top (where your body connects) A good way to look slim is to wear boot cut or bell bottom pants with high shoes or platforms. That will make your legs look long and slim and make your hips look smaller instead of sticking out the top of your slim fits. Cargos are also a good idea. Whatever pants you pick, make sure that the seam on the leg goes straight down your leg without bending. If the pants don't fit you right, they'll never look good.


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