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The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. And as we all begin to invest more time and more money into our physical appearance, beauty product companies and beauty based businesses are finding new and improved techniques and formulas to supply the ever growing demand for better skin care. Facials have become the go to necessity in maintaining healthy, glowing, youthful looking skin tones and complexions for our faces, and as the industry booms, the types of facials available have boomed as well.

The foundation of and primary reason for getting any type of facial is to improve the balance of the skin and reduce the signs of aging. And no matter the type, every specialist performing the facial should assess and analyze each specific client's skin type and needs.
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The most common and basic type of facial is the normal facial or the clean up. This involves a simple cleansing process, which involves steaming the face to clear out blackheads and whiteheads. The skin is then gently exfoliated with granulated scrubs, then rinsed and cleansed with cream and massaged with a slowly rotating electric brush. This option is best and most trendy among people with skin not prone to acne breakouts.

With bio-lift facials, a special bio-mask is placed on the face after a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and massage which functions to tone and tighten the skin on the face and target dark circles under the eyes. As a result, the client receiving this type of facial walks away looking younger and with skin that glows.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facials include the use of creams which contain extracts from flowers and fruits, which are claimed to increase the activity of capillaries and improve skin texture by minimizing the appearance of pores. These fruity and floral facials are best for people with sensitive skin that reacts negatively to overly processed, chemical cleansers. Additionally, the lavender and rose scents can also function therapeutically, inducing a state of relaxation for the client and decreasing mental stress levels.

Likewise, aromatherapy facials use essential oils in order to unclog and clear skin congestion and improve the normal functioning of the skin. These types of facials rejuvenate and replenish by removing toxins from the skin, improving the rate of skin regeneration, and uplifting and tone the skin of the face.

Collagen facials are among the most innovative forms of facials and include a multi-step process. First the skin is cleansed, steamed, and exfoliated, then the specialist proceeds to give the client a deep pore cleanse and massage to release and drain the lymph nodes. To guarantee an adequately hydrated feel and look, a self healing mineral mask is applied over a freeze dried collagen sheet. Liquid nutrients are applied to the skin and to ensure their absorption into the skin, sometimes laser or galvanic treatment is needed.

Anti-oxidant and pollutant fighting facials involve creams with heavy amounts of vitamins A and E and beta-carotene, which are strong free radical fighting agents that can improve cell activity and strengthen them from damage caused by pollutants in outside environments.

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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    A Fruit facial goes well with every type of skin.

  2. Melissa1:06 PM

    I got a facial last month and i loved it. I didn't really care about my skin too much last year so after this facial it really taught me to start to care for it. THe lady told me what my skin type was and how to take care of it. They give you: neck massage, rub lots of oils on your face, and use some machine(doesn't hurt) that gets rid of big pimples. They also exfoliate you and put lots of nice products on that make your skin feel really good. Mine was about $100 and it lasted about an hour. It was so worth the money.

  3. Too many facials in a short interval say within 15 days or so can be bad for your skin, and can cause you to break out. So I'd say about once a month or once every two months is good for your skin. You have to be especially careful if you have sensitive skin.

  4. Very helpful post about all ladies. Thanks for sharing your all information about various type of facials.


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