Aromatherapy quick fix to relieve stress

Reflexology and hand massages can help un-kink the knots in your body after a hectic week at work. But if you are too busy to a visit to the spa try aromatherapy. Now who would say no to a little on-the-spot R & R to release tension one's body?
Apply a drop of any of the following essential oil fragrances on your handkerchief and take a whiff every once in a while.

Lavender (Buy here): Calms and relaxes.
Lemon Grass (Buy here): Energizes and eliminates post lunch sluggishness.
Sweet basil (Buy here) : keeps you alert.
Orange (Buy here): Wards off fatigue and stress.
Jasmine (Buy here): Cools your senses for a good night's sleep.

woman taking a whiff of essential oil from her hanky

Put a drop of one of these essential oils on your handkerchief and whiff off your blues

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Nagesh8:17 AM

    Lavender Oil has fabulous relaxing qualities so use at the end of the day and it will help you drift off to sleep! You could also use it in bath water, or put into a spritzer and spray on your bed linen.

  2. Kapila8:27 AM

    Overall, the effects of essential oils may be divided into two basic groups. Some essential oils have actual physical effects. For example, eucalyptus oil can be inhaled to help clear sinuses and the respiratory tract. This would obviously relieve some symptoms of an upper respiratory infection (URI). Some oils may be used topically (directly on the skin, where they would usually be absorbed by the body, or on a wound) to possibly relieve swelling or fight certain infections.

  3. Chaya8:31 AM

    Inhaling lavender oil straight is just fine. When I have a headache I rub some of the essential oil onto my wrists and inhale frequently. I don't dilute it at all.

  4. Vanita8:42 AM

    Take food which contains more A and C vitamin.

  5. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Essential oils are used for massage, relaxation, burning (to smell nice), hair, skin and many other things. You can purchase the widest range of the internet but your local health shop will probably sell a few. But don't forget to purchase a base oil which you mix with a few drops of essential oil if it is used directly to skin. Otherwise it will be irritated, always follow instructions.

  6. Smita8:58 AM

    Take a couple of clean, fresh sprigs of any herb that you're using and put it inside a bottle. Fill the bottle with extra virgin olive oil (or whatever oil you might prefer). Cap it and let it sit on your counter for a week or two.

  7. Unknown8:58 AM

    How do you make an oil-herb infusion?

  8. UNKNOWN9:02 AM

    I tried Clary sage oil you just put a few drops in your bath or a couple of drops in your hand and rub onto bump, if defiantly got things going for me :-) and yes don't worry it is safe!!

  9. Sakshi9:22 AM

    Thanks for your valuable tips

  10. Keshav10:01 AM

    What great tips! very interesting. I am looking for more and more natural remedies and hadn't heard of most of these. Thanks!

  11. Mandakini11:58 AM

    i need to follow your tips

  12. Anukalpa11:12 AM

    Stress is a leading cause of wrinkles, acne, eczema, and other skin conditions, and lucky for you, you can reduce stress simply with coconut oil. Apply coconut oil with your fingers to your temples and massage in little circles. The calming smell of coconut oil can do wonders to yourstress levels and your skin.


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