Budget Beauty Tips: Handy Haircare Hints

Tricks and Tips to keep your hair looking great without the cash crunch...

Budget Beauty Tips

image * Choose a hairstyle that suits your hair texture and face shape. If your hairstyle requires too many styling products, it's the wrong one for you. Discuss your lifestyle and the look you want with your stylist before a cut. Give clear instructions that you need a cut that will look good with minimum upkeep.

* As far as possible, avoid any heat tools on your hair -- which means do not let curling irons, flat irons, blow-dryers, rollers etc. come anywhere near your hair. All these tools are expensive and they damage your hair, which in the long run makes them more expensive as your mane has to be treated with hair packs. Keep it natural and experiment with styles instead.

* Always check the weather outside before you do your hair. No bun will stay on a windy day even if you try the waxiest wax and your blow-dried hair will turn frizzy with humidity. Let your hair fly freely on a windy day or if there is excessive humidity in the atmosphere, stick to a fuss-free hairstyle - like a ponytail or get stylish with a bandana.

* Before a swim, after you finish applying sunscreen on your skin rub a dollop of the stuff into your hair. This will act like a temporary barrier to the harsh drying effects of chlorine and saltwater on your coloured hair.

* To get that surfer -- girl look -- and control your curls the natural way, try this trick. Pour contact lens solution (Anyway, you have to discard it within 90 days of opening the bottle as per the instructions for its usage) into a spray bottle and spritz it onto wet hair.

* To get highlights, try at-home colour that comes with a semi-permanent fade. They do not require constant touch-ups (which are so heavy on the pocket!) and also save you time!

(Compiled by Smitha)

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  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Leave in conditioner!
    Detangler/Protein Spray that restores balance ( FX Has one called Silk Milk you can get it at any drug store)
    Root Health Booster ( John Freida recently came out with a line and I hear it smells good)
    and FX Silk Drops... rub the serum on your ends and it helps repair split ends

  2. Savitri9:04 AM

    mix one egg and a teaspoon of curd and then put it into hairs.
    keep it for half an hour &wash.do it twice a week.&see results in 2 weeks
    try it!!!!!

  3. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Comb with a wide tooth comb whilst wet starting at the bottm and working gradually up to the root area, you will not pull tangles out from the root.
    Don't use a nylon brush, you'll get static and your hair will fluff up.
    A conditioning treatment once a week and regular trims will do the trick. Use the correct products for your hair type [greasy/dry etc]

  4. Beauty Expert9:06 AM

    First, eating right helps in the long term but there are other things that you can do right now to help your hair grow and become healthy. I will list a few.
    Moisture! Moisture is key for curly hair. Natural oils have a hard time sliding down the hair shaft evenly when hair is curly. You must assist you hair by adding a natural moisturizer and then sealing that moisture in with a natural hair oil.. Protect your hair! This is extremely important especially during your hair's recovery state. Make sure you only use satin or silk scarves at night to cover your hair before you go to sleep. Also use protective hair styles to protect hair ends from hair breakage.. Check the ingredients in your hair care products. Some ingredients are not good for curly hair. Mineral oil, and petroleum are in most popular hair care products but they do not penetrate the hair shaft. Deep Condition at least once a week. No exceptions!

  5. Surabhi9:09 AM

    deep condition it once a week
    use a hot oil treatment
    or use olive oil
    use a heat protection spray
    try scrunching it to give it a break from heat

  6. You also need hair care products that are easy to replenish and won't break the bank. I love Sunsilk hair products because they are easy to use, inexpensive and can be purchased just about anywhere.

  7. It is cool site. Mainly number one, you are representing your state to the nation and to the world so it's very important that you act responsibly and are a role model not only to younger people but to everyone.

  8. Jayashree12:45 PM

    If you nourish you hair with constant care, the volume of hair will increase, there by increasing the thickness.
    Oil your hair regularly. The best way would be to oil it before you go to bed and wash it with mild shampoos in the morning. Oil will go to roots of hair and strengthen the hair.A nourished hair will grow in volume.
    Coconut Oil, Castor Oil , Amla(gooseberry)oil are good kinds of oil.
    Avoid hair sprays, strong shampoos, Hair gel etc, Allow your hair to be free and care for it regularly. It will help you gain volume.

  9. Kesari11:03 AM

    follow the following in general:
    1. Drink plenty of water,
    2. Avoid stressful situations; do yoga/meditation to reduce stress,
    3.Have a balanced diet containing lot of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables,
    4.Do not blow dry too close to the scalp,
    5.Do not brush wet hair; instead use a wide-tooth comb

  10. Rashmi9:50 AM

    Almond hair oil is the best to use. Use Elvive shampoo and conditioner by L’Oreal according to your hair type. Comb only after drying.

  11. Try to avoid daily washing. The sebaceous glands are overstimulated, secreting more grease onto the hair. This creates a vicious circle where the more you wash is the greasier it becomes.

  12. Sampada10:33 AM

    Shampooing, conditioning, hot oil treatments, serums, and sprays — what do we really need to do to keep our hair healthy and looking its best

  13. Expert9:02 AM

    to make sure that the heat applicators do not damage your lustrous locks, use heat protectants and hair serums. Also, brush hair with a paddle brush.

  14. Samira2:35 PM

    Excessive styling can hurt your hair. Mechanical curling, straightening, chemical bleach and colour, or using gel in inappropriate amounts can hamper your hair considerably. Always brush your hair sparingly and comb delicately. Clean your hair carefully and do not stress your hair unnecessarily.

  15. Geeta3:34 PM

    . During summer, your hair’s constant interaction with the sun can lead to loss of moisture, colour, and overall health. Therefore, coat your hair with an SPF spray or lotion before you step out. Better still, carry an umbrella or a soft scarf to keep your hair prevented from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays.

  16. Bhumika3:34 PM

    Coat your hair in coconut oil before jumping into the pool


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