Emraan Hashmi's fitness and grooming routine

Here handsome hunk and controversial Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi shares his grooming, fitness and diet mantras.

Emraan Hashmi 

Tell us something about that half-shaven look, that stylish stubble that you sport?
I think a stubble is a unique way to make a style statement and also enhance my personality. In truth a stubble is much easier to maintain than the clean shaven look, which calls for daily upkeep. That doesn't mean a total hands-off policy, of course. To keep the stubble looking stylish, not scruffy, I give it a trim every day since my beard grows very fast. I prefer to do it myself rather than waste time visiting a salon.

How do you keep your skin glowing?
Despite such insults as going to bed without removing makeup, my skin fortunately hasn't taken revenge to date by breaking out. A cleanser dabbed with a cotton swab followed by a face wash keeps my mug squeaky clean before I call it for the day. Lately I've also started using a moisturizer to put a barrier between my skin and the makeup.

How do you sidestep the hung over look?
Frequent splashes of ice cold water, I've found, helps to get rid of the puffiness and keeps me looking and feeling - fresh. And lots of lime water shortens the length of a hangover. But ideally, if I have to work the day after a late night shindig, I prefer to stay clear of alcohol or at least keep my intake down. Or the entire day goes sluggish.

How do you dress to impress for the day and for the night?
Unlike most guys who work hard to stay with the metrosexual trend, I try not to overdo this card unless it's for the camera. I prefer the comfort of Tees and jeans for the casual day look. Formal shirts and trousers together with a dab of wax or gel to keep my hair in place, is enough for an evening do. This humid weather doesn't allow you to experiment any further. I leave jackets and 3-piece suits for foreign jackets.

Emraan Hashmi's Favorites:

Clothes: Torn jeans and comfy tees

Shoes: Any brand of sneakers

Cologne: Hugo Boss, Dunhill

Shampoo: Paul Michael

What is your fitness routine?
I work out 4-5 times in a week. I am not into hardcore workouts. To me, fitness means being healthy and not necessarily building muscle. My workout regime is like this; I work out intensely for two days, then take a day off, then again work out for two days. I am following a strength and endurance regime, and workout for an hour. Actually it's a mixture of cardio and weights. I also stretch by doing yoga about once or twice a week. Although I'm constitutionally inclined to be lazy, exercise has meade me more disciplined.

Tell us something about your diet?
I don’t indulge in fast food, sweets and alcohol as far as possible. I eat about six to seven small meals during the day to complement my workout, so that I don’t end up eating too little and feeling weak. I eat fish, chicken and egg whites with my meals and I’m completely off rice, bread and sugar. I eat rotis and try and keep my protein intake as high as possible. My breakfast consists of 2-3 eggs, toasts and an apple. This is a very healthy meal. My lunch normally has chicken and mutton; but these days I am more into a vegetarian diet. So, my lunch now is: 2 to 3 rotis , dal, vegetables and curd.  At night, again it is a similar meal with dal , bhaji  and 2 rotis . It's always good to keep your dinner light and simple.

I believe that the key to staying fit is healthy eating. I eat nourishing food with minimum of junk food intake, though I think it is perfectly alright to have your favourite junk food once in a while. Whenever I miss my workouts because of my shooting schedule, I make up by balancing my diet. It is important to have the right amount of vitamin intake. I use protein supplements sometimes, not always. Another important thing to keep fit is sufficient sleep. I make sure that I have at least 7 hours of sleep everyday

What do you think is the quickest way to knock off five kilos?
Cut out bread and sweets from your diet and do endurance training.

One unhealthy habit that you wish you didn't have?
I simply can’t do without tea. I need several cups of tea during the day.

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. unknown9:12 AM

    He also says -I shower,gurgle, take break fast,brush my teeth, put on my cloths, go to work, put on my cologne,

  2. unknown9:18 AM

    His opinion-The best things to do are the classics like sit ups and push ups. Try doing them on a medicine ball. You should always be doing the plank for extra muscle build up. You should be running and jogging. Try doing some more sports like tennis and basketball. Climbing stairs really helps to lose weight. But if you are doing exercise make sure that you at least get 1400 calories and to drink lots of water or vitamin water. None of that energy drink. Also stay off the sweets and pop.

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    just a balanced diet will keep you healthy....! !!
    broccoli, carrot, mushrooms, cucumber etc. have proteins...you can find out very easily about vegetable proteins online...there are great sources out there.....though fish is the best source of protein you can have vegetables and get proteins too...in the veg. proteins you will lack some minerals and certain type of protein, which can only be found in meat....that' s why vegans can't have some injections or treatment because of their diet....it always is best to have a balanced diet....not too meaty and not too veggie....just a balanced diet will keep you healthy...!! !

  4. Suraj9:44 AM

    The importance of fitness in your life: I believe in the maxim ‘Health is wealth’. If you are healthy, you can do anything in life. To remain fit, first of all, you should possess a clean heart. A clean heart paves the way for a healthy brain. Think positive and spread lots of love. I believe in giving and not expecting anything in return.

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    There are several misconceptions and misinterpretations regarding the fitness regime. To clear the wrong notions about exercise and fitness, the work out tips prove effective. Some of the tips for workout might eradicate the pre conceived notions about exercising in general. One should be well aware about how to workout in the very first place before starting the workout program.

  6. Exercising is so important when it comes to having clear skin. It has countless benefits and is a necessity for great health!

  7. Neeladri8:36 AM

    Simple dress and good manners shows safe, reliable and considerate personality.

  8. Komal8:37 AM

    Wear appropriate clothing for every occasion. The right clothing is in practice with good care.


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