Addicted to Botox?

Turns out there might be a reason some people subject themselves to repeated Botox injections. They could be addicted.

According to a study by two British authors, a psychologist and a plastic surgeon, 4 out of 10 people who received regular Botox injections have a compulsive motive for doing so.

More than half of regular Botox users said they felt a lack of control over the natural ageing process without the jab, with a similar number admitting that Botox  made them "feel" younger.

It has also been found that many patients return for follow-up visits before the effects of their Botox treatments wear off.

woman taking botox injection
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Botox is loved by women and men alike for its miraculous ability to erase wrinkles and restore youthful good looks. The results of Botox, however, are not permanent, which means users of this substance must get a new treatment after about four or six months.

Since patients get so used to not having wrinkles, they want to keep up the effect, which can often lead to what seems like an addiction. However the researchers are quick to point out that this dependency on Botox is behavioural and not chemical.

Dr. Scott Miller, a renowned plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California adds, "Physically, I don’t believe there is any addiction to Botox. A physical addiction would be one where the problem came back worse and you actually needed the product more and more.

I would say it’s exactly the opposite.

The longer you go without using a muscle, the more the muscle atrophies, and you get out of the habit of using the muscle.

When the Botox wears off after three or four months, you still are out of the habit of using that muscle and you see the effects for several more months after the Botox is out of your body.

That wouldn’t happen with a physical addiction.”

Botox has changed many lives over the last few years. It has been used successfully in treating patients with everything from serious skin and muscles disorders to the minor effects of aging.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with using Botox to treat wrinkles and fight the flow of time on your body, there may be a point where the negative aspects of excessive use far out weight the positive effects.

When this occurs, a person may be in the stages of an addiction. Like any other addiction, there are clear warning signs.

One common sign is that the activity or product begins to negatively affect one's life. If a person gets himself injected for each and every minor crease or frown line that s/he spots, resulting in a  frozen forehead and perma-grin that has left her (or him) expressionless, s/he is in the throes of a full-on addiction. 

While money may not be an issue for celebrities, for  average persons addicted to this anti-aging dermal filler, the cost of repeated injections will soon begin to weigh heavily on their pockets, so much so that they may have to delay or ignore paying other bills, and this may be the beginning of a painful and debilitating addiction.

Priscilla Presley - over-botoxed
Priscilla Presley has overdone it with fillers, Botox and plastic surgery
Carla Bruni Botox Addict
                       Over Botoxed Carla Bruni
Some critics argue that this so-called addiction is purely a psychological issue, wherein some people will never be completely satisfied with the way they look, despite plastic surgery, Botox and the like.

Their underlying psychological issues are never addressed before undergoing treatment with Botox; so when the  results fade, these patients either have to face the problems that led them to the procedure in the first place or continue running from their personal issues.

Individuals suffering from a Botox addiction should see a psychologist or counselor to find out what triggered the compulsion to look younger and use Botox regularly.

Underlying causes may include low self-esteem, poor self-image, depression, fear, anxiety, or boredom.

Danni Minogue, one of the judges on the British show ‘X Factor’, in fact, admits that her addiction to Botox was triggered by a series of events including her sister Kylie Minogue being diagnosed with breast cancer and one of her close friends passing away and the steps to improve her looks was a way of coping with the stress and difficult times she was facing.

An understanding support system in  life consisting of friends, family, co-workers and community members who are willing to help, will also help a "Botox Addict" begin the healing process. Looks like BA -- Botox Anonymous isn't far behind!
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  1. Botox is really a very good treatment procedure for wrinkles, aging skin, acne scars, frown lines, etc. Also these injections can treat some illnesses like cerebral palsy, back pain, etc.

  2. Satyendra8:52 AM

    what botox really does is it numbs the muscles in your face. when you cant move particulars muscles in your face the wrinkes dont show and much.

  3. Christin8:55 AM

    Had Botox injected over 10 wks ago into both cheeks. I cannot smile my mouth will not curl up the area around my mouth looks swollen when l try to smile. Abnormal looking need some some reasurrances?? Don't want to have to admit what I've done! Was told that after 4-6 wks it would improve?

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    People know you've had botox coz you have very little facial expression and you look fake coz you don't have any wrinkles to go with your age...

  5. unknown8:59 AM

    Botox generally has mild to no side effects. Some people notice temporary weakness of muscles or discomfort at the injection site. Drooping of the eyelid can also occur occasionally. Other possible side effects are eye irritation, dryness of the eye, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light and superficial punctate keratitis (i.e. localized inflammation of the cornea). All of these, however, are not too likely to happen.
    Non-medical side-effects are loss of true facial expression. The injections, while they keep your face tight and firm, reduce your ability to shape your facial muscles to form expressions. That's why people with botox look permanently happy/surprised.

  6. Health Expert8:53 AM

    women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to postpone on doing this type of procedure as well, or at least until their little ones are no longer dependent on them for nutrition

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Botox is cheaper than having an actual face lift done. There are certain risks and complications that are possible as with any type of procedure, such as the fact of one having an allergic reaction to it. As well, because it numbs the muscles, it can cause the appearance of surprise or make it look like the recipient has a permanent frown. However because the procedure only lasts temporarily, these types of side effects will not last long either

  8. Anonymous9:01 AM

    the disadvantages of Botox treatments are bruising and headaches.

  9. Hemant9:06 AM

    Botox is short for Bio=Toxin or poisonous material which is injected into the skin

  10. Akshat9:07 AM

    botox fills in the creases in the skin (wrinkles) and plumps them out, hence making your wrinkles dissapear

  11. Nivedita9:11 AM

    The botox treatment should last 3-6 months and should gradually become less effective.

  12. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Don’t: use a magnifying mirror and tweezers to find and pick at pimples or other minor skin blemishes. I promise you, you will only make it worse.

  13. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Don’t: get medical advice or treatments, including Botox, fillers, and lasers from a non-professional. Be sure that a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon is present if you are going to have any invasive cosmetic procedures performed.


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