Godrej Shikakai soap for hair: Review

Few weeks back, instead of a shampoo, I had used Godrej Shikakai soap to wash my hair. This soap's unique 3 in 1 formulation is enriched with shikakai, Amla (gooseberry)  and Bhringraj to cleanse, condition and nourish your hair.

Godrej shikakai soap review - front side of the soap wrapper pic

My Experience With Godrej Shikakai Soap

Godrej Shikakai Soap Review

As always, I had massaged coconut oil into my hair, the previous day and so my hair was oiler like never before.

After thoroughly soaking my hair with lukewarm water, I gently applied this soap to my scalp; it didn’t lather much. As you can see from the figure,  this soap is reddish, orange in color.

I rinsed my hair with water but it felt sticky, so I reapplied it and rinsed it off. I repeated this procedure for about 3-4 times and only then did my hair feel cleansed.
It’s not a bad product, really, but if your hair is soaking with oil, it may not leave your hair squeaky clean, but nevertheless if your hair needs a quick wash, this is quite a good soap to consider, especially as it doesn’t cause excessive hair-fall after washing. At least for me, it didn't.

Godrej Skikakai Soap used on hair

Here I have to mention that I have a fairly oily scalp and straight, silky thin hair. 

More about Godrej Shikakai Soap:

Here's the list of ingredients:

Godrej shikakai soap review - back side fo the soap wrapper pic

Godrej Shikakai soap Ingredient List

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kemelate, Water, Sodium, C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Perfume, Polyquatemium -7, sodium chlorine Glycerine, Disodium EDTA, Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) Extract, Amla (embilica officianalis) Extract, Bringarj (Eclipta Alba) Titanium Dioxide, BHT, Citric Acid, CI 26100, CI 47000

As mentioned earlier, this soap contains Amla, Shikakai and Bhringraj extract which are
all amazing Indian herbal ingredients for the hair. It's good that it does not contain SLS, SLES or parabens.

But it contains Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Disodium EDTA, BHT CI 26100 etc. which are not so good. However these ingredients are common in most shampoos; so that shouldn't be much of a problem.

 What I liked about Godrej Shikakai Soap:

  • Goodness of herbal ingredients
  • No SLS, SLES or parabens.
  • Cheap price - costs only Rs 20, hence perfect for budget beauty and hair care.
  • Quick and easy to wash your hair when no shampoo is available.
  • Lasts for many washes and lasts much,  much longer than a shampoo. 
  • More environment friendly as the packaging doesn't include a plastic container or is not available as disposable sachets like shampoos. Also shampoo bars are more long lasting than a shampoo.
  • Lathers well and cleans hair quite nicely.
  • If you don't like this soap on your hair or it if doesn't suit you, you can safely use it as a bath soap; no need to discard it. Hence value for money.
  • Suitable for men's hair too. Also they'll like it way better as it is easy to use without much fuss.


What I didn't like about this shikakai soap:

  • Peculiar smell which some people may not like.
  • The smell lingers on the hair for a while after washing.
  • If the hair is too oily, you may have to use it several times to get the greasiness off.
  • If you haven't oiled your hair before washing, then this may make your hair dry. In that case, you may need to use a conditioner.
  • Does contain some not-so-good chemicals.


Will I buy it again?

Heck, yes. It's dirt cheap and moreover I experienced no hair-fall with this soap. And I find it a quick, easy and hassle free way of washing my hair when no shampoo is available.In fact, I have purchased it several times and am never tired of it!

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It's available at any grocery stores, shops or malls all over India. However if you are in the US, you can buy it on Amazon; in case it's unavailable, you can consider buying a similar product like Hesh Ancient Formulae Shikakai Hair Soap.

 Final Words:

So do you use shampoo bars for washing your hair? Did you ever use Godrej Shikakai Soap for washing your hair? If yes, what was your experience? Did it work for you? Did it cause hair-fall? Did it add bounce to your hair? Do share your review in comments.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I also remember..It was used by my mother also. I never used this soap but my mother usually praises this soap. Again a nice review.

  2. Anonymous9:32 AM

    It has medicinal value; i.e. it works as anti-septic.
    But it burns a lot if accidentally goes in eyes!

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I am no more into those ancient procedures of Oil + Natural Shikakai Powder baths, I mostly use only Shampoos to have my hair-wash (due to my tight work schedules) I do continue to use the Godrej Shikakai Soap quite frequently. For the long & black hair lovers, I would strongly recommend Shikakai Soap which I am sure while retaining the essential moistures of the scalp & prevents hair fall, would give the best expected results.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us. Your blog is very interesting and informative.

  5. i used the shikakai soap but it made my hair really rough after first wash,is it normal ? wil my hair b soft after 2 or 3 wash ?? plz re[ply

    1. Snena, you should oil you hair and leave it overnight before you wash your hair the next morning. Usually soaps and some shampoos leave the hair dry. If you haven't oiled your hair then you should use a conditioner.

    2. it doesnt work

  6. I have been using this soap for last 6 months and yes it absolutely stopped hair fall. It promotes hair growth and restore shiny black colour of hair. It is good along with natural essentials it has less chemical. I would recommend this soap to every woman who love long and healthy hair.

  7. Anonymous10:19 AM

    i started using this godrej shikakai soap it is working really well

  8. why godrej shikakai soap has all chemical names on its ingredients at back of the pack?


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