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Intersting facts* Dyscalculia is a collection of symptoms of learning disability involving the most basic aspects of arithmetic skills. The classic symptoms are problems with arithmetic and directions, punctuality, counting and change, trouble with mental math etc.

* According to a Beverley Hills urologist Dr. Gillespie, stilettos may cause urinary tract infections. High heels make the pelvis tilt forward and the back curve out. This causes lordosis, a condition that creates pressure on the sensory nerves; when the nerves are compromised, your bladder can’t empty properly, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a UTI, he explains.

* A study in Obstetrics and Gynecology reports that women who habitually exercised the equivalent of about one hour of walking a day exercise on a regular basis are less likely to develop urinary incontinence.

* New moms often yearn to shed their own post pregnancy dimpled bottoms faster, shouldn’t. Carrying extra weight for several weeks after delivery is normal, and probably healthier than shedding that fat, according to a new study. Just lifting your little one can help you get in shape – gently.

* Men may grow bigger muscles, but women’s have more stamina. A recent study compared the length of time men and women could hold a muscle contraction. The researchers found that the women lasted 75 percent longer. The explanation may be in the hormones: Estrogen seems to promote blood flow, and the more blood you can deliver to muscles, the longer they can work.

(Guest Post by RJ)

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