Dieting makes you look older?

Plump cheeks and soft features make us appear younger

Plump cheeks and soft features make us appear younger
If you have resorted to drastic methods, like yo-yo dieting to lose weight, then be aware that while it may make you look slender, it may also make you look much older. Research shows that being thin is what ages us most, with plump cheeks and soft features making us appear younger. So strong is the link that the loss of 10lb - around a dress size - can age a woman by four years, adds Mr Grover, a consultant plastic surgeon at King Edward VII Hospital in London. He goes on to say that while most people will find their cheeks start to lose their plumpness from around the age of 38, extreme dieters have the most to worry about. He further adds: “People who are trying to stay stick-thin lose weight from their face sooner than they would otherwise and this is extremely ageing. Yo-yo dieting not only creates volume loss, but also stretching of the facial supporting ligaments due to repeated facial volume gain and loss, which causes deeper nose-to-mouth lines and jowls. The more fat that is preserved in the face, particularly the cheeks, the more you will preserve the facial proportions of youth.”

Even exercise can make you lose weight from the face.

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