March 11, 2009

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil : Review

I had used Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil sometime back and really liked it, but completely forgot to write about it. This review will make up for it. 

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I always like to apply hair oil the previous night before shampooing. Most of the time I use coconut oil for massaging my scalp, but I’ve also used olive oil and some homemade hair oils like aloe oil, hibiscus oil and store-bought ones like Dabur Vatika and Parachute coconut oil as well. 

This almond drops hair oil with vitamin E, however, is a bit different from these oils; what I liked about it is that it’s light and non-greasy; so your hair doesn’t feel sticky after use. If you just feel like nourishing your hair roots anytime without any mess, just go ahead and apply this hair oil without any worries

As it’s non-sticky it won’t show -- that’s the best thing about this oil. It has a pleasant aroma that soothes your senses and I’ve also found that it’s a natural conditioner that also keeps the hair manageable and non-frizzy. During the period that I had used it, it certainly did leave my hair soft, smelling good and nourished.

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil

Packed with the goodness of Almond oil, vitamin E, vegetable oil and mineral oil, Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil claims to keep hair healthy and long by stimulating hair growth. On the flip side, its container is a heavy glass bottle which is not so attractive to the eyes and it’s also not very convenient to carry while travelling. It comes in a 120ml or a 240 ml bottle and the expiry date is 36 months from the date of manufacture and that’s fine. I had used a 120 ml bottle twice a week and it lasted more than 6 months.

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  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    A friend suggested me to try Bajaj Almond Drops hair oil as it's non-sticky. I have used it for a year and really find this oil to be a very good product. Now I have 2 bottles one which I use and another stand-by.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I too use this oil and I have found that it is good to be used just before sleeping in the night for a cooling effect.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    This i have 2 try.

  5. Sounds wonderful.

  6. Roopa9:38 AM

    Nice review and very useful review. Thank you!

  7. ranjini shetty11:56 AM

    Just started trying

  8. Just started using 2 days back.. Feels good as of now.

  9. Sonia9:30 AM

    Aparna!!! I definitely can’t wait for this collection

  10. Anonymous12:58 PM

    does it really make the hair grow faster?

  11. Sanatani8:47 AM

    it is good and necessary to use the hair oil for our hair at least 2 times in a weak. The hair oil gives the protein and also gives the natural shine to our hair. It is also good habit to massage our scalp using the hair oil. I use the Bajaj almond drops hair oil. I use it because this hair oil it has the goodness of almonds. The almonds are very good for the growth of our hair. And the main reason why I like this hair oil is that, this hair oil is very lite and it is non sticky. When I apply this oil to my hair my hair wont feel sticky or greasy. And it is also very easy to manage my hair when I apply it to my hair.

  12. Kavya8:49 AM

    If massaged on face for 10-15 minutes in circular motion, it will improve blood circulation and most certainly will give you a clearer complexion. Tried it and tested by moi.
    Almond oil when applied on face helps get rid of dark circles.

  13. i was suffering from hair fall and stared using bajaj almond drops since 2 wks and my hair stopped falling and are growing faster than before thanks bajaj

  14. Thanks for sharing this with us, Mrunal

  15. nice oil very usefull

  16. Anonymous11:30 PM

    can I use bajaj almond hair oil for dark circles and for face massage too??

    1. Bajaj Almond hair oil is meant for hair. I dont think it would be helpful for dark circles or for facial massage.Use pure almond oil for this purpose. Even Roghan Badam Shirin oil is good.


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