Massaging your legs

SonaliWomen’s legs have a naturally smoother and rounder appearance than men’s as they carry more subcutaneous fat. A pad of fat on the inside of the upper thigh is, for instance, a female characteristic. The length of legs, their shape, bone structure and several other subtle characteristics are, to a large extent is decided by the inherited genes. But often, lumps and bulges tend to accumulate to give the legs a flabby appearance. Though we cannot physically alter the shape and size of the legs that we are born with, surgical procedures notwithstanding, we can do our bit to enhance their appearance.

A proper massage, followed by exercise, together with judicious dieting, will help reduce fat and make the legs look lean, lithe and lovely. Regular massage, at bath times, with a rough mitt or oil will work wonders in decongesting and breaking down the fatty deposits. Take coconut oil or any suitable body lotion in your palms and massage your legs the way you knead dough by rhythmically lifting and squeezing the flesh. woman massaging cream on leg

Begin lightly and gently at first, and after a few minutes of stroking, build up pressure gradually, and knead more vigorously. Unlike the luxury massage, which the opulent indulge in ambient spas, this cellulated massage is not for pleasure, but for quick remarkable results. Your skin will also benefit from this massage. Massaging with Vitamin-E oil will in fact, help to minimize ugly stretch marks.

Start from your feet and massage both sides of the legs and go up to the trunk. Then massage the knee with a circular movement. Press the knee firmly but gently with your thumbs. Now, flex the leg and do the inside of the knee pressing into the soft fleshy depression. Since you are not an expert, let your strokes be gentle, lest it does more harm than good. Slower and more rhythmic strokes will make you feel relaxed and safe. The guideline for a good massage is: ‘The better you feel, the better you are doing it’.

Massage by itself, will do you no good if not followed by appropriate exercises, the massage will only loosen fatty areas to make you look even fatter than before. (Exercise and fitness regimen for lovely legs will be dealt in some other post shortly.) And, one more thing. All the exercise and massage in the world will of little use if you continue to eat unhealthy junk food that lacks fiber and other vital nutrients. Such food will only lead to extra fat formation on your legs, particularly if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. So, eating the right kind of food is a must.

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  1. Chitra9:45 AM

    Massage improves blood supply to the area which can remove some chemicals you don't want lingering around after exercise, but it won't change the size of your legs.

  2. Kirthy9:46 AM

    you look pretty hot !


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